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Controlling change

The dynamics of modern work processes and atmospheres as well as an ever-changing competitive environment force companies to continuously change with them. Strategies must be reassessed by management and undergo ongoing adjustments; employees are expected to quickly and flexibly adapt to everyday business. Therefore efficient change management is more than just a necessary tool for implementing restructuring procedures. It must take place, first and foremost, in the minds of the employees. Read more


Good prospects for PHP developers

PHP developers have become sought-after experts in companies. PHP is not just a standard in traditional web projects; this open source programming language is even coming to play an increasing role in the intercorporate network of software landscapes.
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The risk of using Wikipedia – Companies Need To Act

A new web service has taken away another piece of the Internet’s anonymity. Using the so-called WikiScanner (http://wikiscanner.virgil.gr), every Internet user can research the corporate networks from which changes have been made to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. Sugar-coated profiles, competitive criticism or the private embarrassing incidents of employees can quickly damage a company’s image. The only thing that can help with this is to set down clear rules for using Wikipedia. In other words, “Wikipliance.” Read more