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Bwin Games Unlocks Assets to Become Leading European Online Gaming Site


Bwin Games is a subsidiary of the bwin Group, the largest publicly traded gaming company in the world. Bwin Games’ focus is on poker and other online casino games for digital media. Its website, Ongame Network, has approximately 12 million registered players and it has several gaming sites, including www.PokerRoom.com.


The Challenge

Recent legislation in the U.S. outlawed the activity of online gambling. Practically overnight, approximately 70% of bwin Game’s U.S. revenues were no longer available to the company. Consequently, bwin was forced to rapidly pursue other markets, which required complete re-engineering of the website, with internationalization as a top priority.

The Solution: Zend Framework

Within a 12-month period, Bwin adapted and redesigned their English-only site to support multiple languages. Using Zend Framework and with Zend and the PHP community supporting them, bwin Games is now running a €100 million business in Europe that is growing and expanding into new countries every day. In doing so, bwin Games has quickly established www.PokerRoom.com as the leading European poker site. The application conversion process has given the company a platform to expand their operations to meet the needs of their business.

Solution Details

The bwin Games team has made extensive use of the model-view-controller (MVC) industry standard for designing web applications. Their multi-tier design uses Zend Framework's MVC implementation, which is based on best practices including coding guidelines, and which ensures separation of concerns using layers that communicate between the different logical parts of their application.   The benefits? Front-end designers can work independently and efficiently in conjunction with server-side PHP developers, which means that everyone saves time, stays in their own areas of expertise, and achieves greater productivity overall.

To read more about how Zend Framework made bwin Games' re-write possible, including adding extensive support for localization and foreign languages and have used Zend Framework's MVC front-controller routing features for SEO (search engine optimization).

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