Zend Server + AWS: Developer-friendly, Cloud-scale

With Zend Server on Amazon Web Services (AWS), you have the perfect way to run high-performance, elastic, and dependable PHP-based Web & Mobile apps in the cloud. Zend Server is a PHP application server that can scale apps seamlessly across cloud resources. Zend Server 8 features the all new Z-Ray, which lets developers immediately understand the impact of their code changes, increasing developer productivity and code quality. 

AWS offers a wide range of infrastructure choices--from affordable micro to beefy compute-optimized instances--and the ability to scale up and down automatically.


Try Zend Server on AWS for free


Your first 30 days are always free. When the 30 days are up, your account converts automatically to a pay-as-you-go subscription with no hassle, no migration required. Zend Server on AWS is available starting at less than one dollar a day!

If you've never used AWS before, you might qualify for a full year of EC2 usage at no charge through the AWS Free Tier program. This program is for new cloud users only.


Innovate faster in the cloud

Zend Server Developer Edition gives you an ideal development environment at a price any developer can afford. It provides you full access to Z-Ray, which is akin to wearing X-Ray goggles, effortlessly giving you deep insight into how your code is running as it's being developed - all without having to change any of your habits or workflow.

In addition, it delivers a robust PHP application platform, including monitoring, root cause analysis, and caching.  You can use it to model your production environments as you build your applications. 

And, If you're a Zend Studio user, it's simple to develop and deploy applications directly on AWS. From Zend Studio use the appropriate Wizard to configure your AWS Server and deploy the application.



Deploy easily, scale infinitely

Leverage the simplicity and reliability of Zend Server clustering with the power of AWS autoscaling.  Using AWS CloudFormation, you can define a clustered PHP environment by answer a few simple questions.  Zend Server clustering is already integrated with AWS autoscaling, so applications with peak demands will perform consistently, and you only ever pay for what you use.