Zend Solutions for PHP 5.4

Zend is proud to welcome PHP 5.4, a major milestone release that adds significant new capabilities to the language that powers more than one-third of the Web. Some of the key benefits of PHP 5.4 include:

...and more!

Want to take advantage of these exciting new features? Zend solutions are ready to help:


Zend Studio

Zend Studio, the award-winning professional-grade PHP IDE, is the best way to write PHP 5.4 code. Through a PHP 5.4 plugin, code editing, CLI script execution, remote debugging and application deployment are all available in Zend Studio 9.0.2. And soon to follow, upcoming releases will feature PHP 5.4 code migration workflows.

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Zend Server

Zend Server, the PHP web application server for business-critical applications, now supports PHP 5.4 for development purposes. For those interested in trying out the PHP 5.4 features, deployment automation, performance optimization, application monitoring and root cause analysis are now available with the most up-to-date runtime version.

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Zend Framework

Zend Framework 2, the update to the world's leading open source PHP application framework, has built in forward compatibility with PHP 5.4. With its state-of-the-art Model-View-Controller architecture layer, modularity and code reusability, and performance optimization capabilities, Zend Framework is the best way to write powerful apps that take full advantage of the latest PHP release.

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