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PDT is good.
Zend Studio is better.
Develop smarter with Zend Studio. Created by the team behind the Eclipse PHP Development Tools, Zend Studio builds on Eclipse to add more tools for writing better code faster.
  • Maximize your development productivity
  • Create cloud-connected mobile apps in a breeze
  • Write Zend Framework 2 code instantly
  • Develop in the cloud

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Eclipse PDT vs ZendStudio
Easy environment setup with PHP 5.3 and 5.4 executables, built in debugger and database drivers
On-the-fly code analysis and enhanced code generation & refactoring
Pre-integrated tools like Git & GitHub, Composer, PHPUnit, PHPDocumentor, etc.
Mobile development and REST Web API management tools
HTML, CSS and JavaScript support (Dojo, jQuery, Ext JS, Prototype, etc.)
Remote debugging via tunneling & SSL communication
Support and free upgrades