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State of PHP in the Enterprise

    Zend and UBM TechWeb have partnered to release the first significant survey of IT decision-makers that measures usage of the PHP language to create applications in large enterprises. Administered by UBM TechWeb, a global leader in business technology media, the survey focuses on how enterprise director-level and executive decision-makers are using or planning to use PHP.

    Key Findings

    The survey reveals that PHP is being used broadly to develop and run diverse and business-critical applications. The drivers of increased PHP adoption include faster development cycles when compared to other languages, a widely available talent pool, increased efficiency in the application development process, and ease of use. Of those surveyed, 97 percent of organizations that are using PHP plan to expand their usage and start additional PHP projects in the next 12-18 months.

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    Highlights & Charts

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    Customer Quote

       For certain projects, PHP has enabled [our developers] to dramatically shorten the development cycle and accelerate application delivery compared with their previous experiences using Java.   

    Yannic MaheAudit manager, IPS group, BNP Paribas

       The COO asked if my team could reduce what was then a 2-year Web development cycle. Working with Zend and PHP helped us deliver iteratively to production on a 2-week cycle.   

    Robert KernerVP of Technology, NYSE Euronext Global Web Organization

       With the release of our new free-trial platform powered by PHP and Zend, our end user experience has improved by 68% (based on best time to complete trial signup). We’ve also been able to leverage its code base for the other projects to gain a 20-30% code reuse benefit, which saved us weeks to months of development effort on each of the subsequent projects.   

    Phillip ShipleyManager of Web Development, WebEx Cisco Systems