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    Discover what developers in the PHP community are saying about key issues and focus areas for 2012, in Zend Developer Pulse™, a new survey series that takes the pulse of developers on a variety of hot topics. Insights revealed from the surveys are being captured in reports to share with  the many people in and outside of our community who are interested in PHP.

    Our first survey was conducted online in Q4 2011 and received 3,335 responses. See the highlights below.


    Increasing Interest in Cloud Development

    More than 60 percent of developers intend to use some form of public cloud in their development projects. Inside the Zend Developer Pulse™ Survey Report, you can find out which public clouds developers are working in now.

    Increasing Demand for PHP Skills

    From an employment perspective, more than half of developers surveyed see increasing demand for PHP skills in 2011-12. How does this align with the findings of leading online job search companies? What other skills are developers looking to add to their bag of tricks? And what are developers saying about the state of languages today?  Find out in our report.

    Just for Fun

    It turns out that 86% of developers surveyed prefer to listen to music while coding, so we asked them about their music preferences.  And given that 2012 has just begun, we asked developers about their New Year’s resolutions.
    Find out what they said in the Zend Developer Pulse™ Survey Report.

    We welcome your suggestions. Email us at developerpulse@zend.com.


    "The public cloud is looking pretty good as a development platform this year and gaining cloud development skills is a top priority for many developers, according to new research." Barb Darrow, GigaOM, January 11, 2012



    "Developers plan to invest most of their time, talent and energy in mobile and API projects over the coming year — and will continue to code in a variety of languages, according to a new report." Jolie O’Dell, VentureBeat, January 11, 2012


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       “The fact that PHP is a powerful, flexible yet accessible programming language has enabled us to build a large and prolific community of contributors around Drupal.”   

    Dries BuytaertDrupal founder & Acquia CTO