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WEBINAR: Get To Speed with Zend Framework 2 in Zend Studio 10

April 24, 2013 - April 24, 2013: 7:30am PDT, 10:30am EDT, 3:30pm GMT, 4:30pm CET

Locators, dependency injectors, modules and many other little beings are waiting for you behind the doors with three magic signs carved on top, saying "ZF2". They're waiting for your love and care. Fed with data and events they're ready to give back. Not just a whopping website but mad orchestra of requests and responses. "Been there done that" you say? Wait! What was your tooling experience? Give us a minute to show the new tools added in Zend Studio 10, based on feedback from ZF2 early adopters. New Studio addresses getting started with ZF, problems happening during actual coding and preparing ZF for deployment. During this talk you'll see application and modules being created without memorizing their shape or GIT url. We'll be using variables and helpers without constantly jumping to their source, managing class maps without counting the brackets and organizing code without desperate shift+arrows-work!. Zend Studio has gone a long way towards better understanding ZF2 projects and you have to see it to believe it.

Presenter: Natalia Bartol