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Zend Announces GA Release of Zend Server for IBM i 5.6

New Features Make it Faster, Easier for Customers to Deliver Modern Web Applications and Web Services Using PHP on IBM i

Zend Server for IBM i makes it possible to quickly modernize business-critical applications and leverage business logic stored in databases, or to create brand new web-based applications using PHP on the IBM i platform. Zend Server for IBM i 5.6 adds the ability to streamline and automate deployment for speed, efficiency and consistency to help ensure business-critical web applications meet SLAs and deliver the best possible end-user experience.

Rapid and Reliable Web Application Deployment

  • Development teams can now deliver fully packaged, ready-to-run applications to operations teams, with predefined settings and parameters. This saves time and helps eliminate guesswork and unnecessary errors commonly associated with conventional deployment processes.
  • Proactive monitoring provides development and operations teams with real-time visibility into bottlenecks or errors in development and production environments. Alert notifications deliver timely information on application status and deployment issues so teams can resolve issues quickly and definitively.
  • The new ability to rapidly roll back and recover from code or deployment errors or outages ensures that servers and applications can be restored to their last-known working state. Successful launches that eliminate downtime delays and SLA non-compliance problems can help a company save thousands or even millions of dollars and retain brand loyal customers.
  • Web APIs automate the provisioning, configuring and deployment of applications.
  • Enablement of Continuous Integration processes provides support for agile deployment.

Integration with XML Toolkit

  • IBM and Zend have developed a fully open-source toolkit based in XML, which provides an integration layer for access to IBM i data, programs and operating system functions.
  • The new XML Toolkit is based on standard technologies such as DB2, RPG, XML and PHP, and takes advantage of IBM i mechanisms such as standard DB2 connections, stored procedures, and RPG ILE. Fully PHP-based client-side code provides compatibility with any platform that can connect to DB2 on IBM i.
  • The new XML Toolkit is available as part of Zend Server for IBM i 5.6.
  • After December 31, 2011, the Easycom Toolkit will no longer be included with Zend Server for IBM i.  A built-in ‘compatibility wrapper’ makes it easy to migrate to the new XML Toolkit. The compatibility wrapper, now in beta, provides PHP implementations of most Easycom toolkit functions.

Zend Server for IBM i 5.6 Availability

IBM delivers Zend Server for IBM i with every IBM i shipment. IBM and Zend make it easy for customers to explore and use Zend Server based on their needs. 

  • Existing customers with an active subscription to Zend Server for IBM i are automatically entitled to a free upgrade to the latest release. 
  • New customers may subscribe to Zend Server for IBM i 5.6, with up to 24x7x365 support, available for purchase directly through Zend. Pricing starts at $7250 per server depending on server model and subscription level.
  • New customers may also subscribe to Zend Server Community Edition for IBM i 5.6, with the first year of basic support provided by Zend at no charge.  Users who receive the software from IBM simply register via the Zend website to access this support offering.

Zend Solutions for IBM i
Since 2006, Zend and IBM have partnered to deliver Zend solutions for IBM i, delivering a complete PHP development and production environment solution for the IBM i platform. With Zend Server for IBM i, customers can develop, deploy and manage modern Web apps and Web services, maximizing their investment in the IBM i platform while minimizing the risk and cost sometimes associated with modernization and web-enablement. Zend Server for IBM i offers the only complete, enterprise-ready PHP stack that combines application deployment, proactive monitoring, Code Tracing with root-cause analysis for quick problem resolution, powerful caching and other performance optimizations, job queuing, and a tested and certified PHP runtime supported by Zend, the PHP Company. An integral part of the Zend family of solutions, Zend Server for IBM i also includes Zend Framework, the leading PHP application framework, and is fully integrated with Zend Studio, the leading PHP IDE.

Consulting and PHP Training

  • Smart Start for IBM i - to accelerate development and deployment of PHP apps.  Includes on-site PHP training for RPG programmers, and set up of Zend solutions on IBM i plus assistance with start up of a fully operational, PHP-based pilot project.
  • Training for RPG developers - curriculum focused on building proficiency with PHP and Zend Server, and accelerating time to market with web applications.

Product Information
Zend Server for IBM i (http://www.zend.com/en/products/server/zend-server-ibm-i)
Zend Solutions for IBM i (http://www.zend.com/en/solutions/modernize-ibm-i/)

Zend Server for IBM i Update, January 11, 2012: 9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT, 6pm CET