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IBM and Zend Team to Drive Adoption of Service Oriented Architectures with Zend Core for IBM

Zend Network unveiled - will deliver comprehensive PHP service and support for developers

ARMONK, N.Y. and CUPERTINO, CA - July 12, 2005 - IBM and Zend today announced the availability of Zend Core for IBM(TM), the industry's first integrated solution specifically designed to help developers deploy database applications and services based on the popular PHP Web language. IBM and Zend also announced that they are jointly working on furthering PHP technology to include improved high-level database integration frameworks and enhanced PHP Web services standards. At the same time, Zend announced Zend Network, a comprehensive service and support system delivering enterprise-quality updates and support to PHP developers. Zend Core for IBM integrates IBM's DB2 Universal Database and Cloudscape(TM), based on the Apache Software Foundation Derby project, with Zend's open source PHP environment. The combination of Zend Core for IBM and the Zend Network provides a seamless, out of the box, enterprise grade PHP environment, easing PHP application development and deployment.

Zend Core for IBM is based on PHP 5 technology and includes tight integration with Cloudscape database server, DB2 and native support for XML and Web Services – promoting the increased adoption of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA). Zend Core enables PHP application use of all DB2 server environments (including eServer iSeries and zSeries via DB2 Connect). It helps automate and reduce the deployment costs through a seamless, automated installation and configuration process, while providing high performance and reliable integration. In addition, it offers an upgrade path from the easy-to-use, lightweight Cloudscape database to the easy-to-use, robust DB2 Universal Database platform by providing a consistent API to developers.

"As an existing IBM business partner, we are encouraged to see that IBM is working with Zend Technologies to deliver PHP infrastructure solutions for our customers," said Wolfgang Fahl, Managing Director, BITPlan Gmbh. "Zend Core for IBM, along with our UML2PHP product, aids software designers with the rapid development and deployment of PHP solutions for IBM Cloudscape or DB2 UDB."

The plans to develop Zend Core for IBM were announced in February of this year. Under the terms of the agreement, IBM worked with Zend to create the product, which is the industry's first seamless out-of-the-box, PHP database application development and production environment. As part of this effort, any bug and security fixes made to Zend Core for IBM will also be shared back with the PHP community, further enhancing the overall PHP code base.

"The general availability of Zend Core for IBM is an important milestone for professional PHP application development - furthering use with existing enterprise data and within service oriented architectures (SOA)," said Janet Perna, General Manager IBM Information Management. "The service and support delivered by Zend Network is critical for developers to aid in the adoption of PHP and complements IBM's commitment to open source software based solutions."

"IBM customers using Jedox Worksheet-Server to convert Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into PHP applications were already convinced that PHP is a strong and reliable platform from a technical perspective," said Kristian Raue, CEO of Jedox. "With the announcement of Zend Core for IBM, they see that their decision to work with PHP also makes sense from a strategic perspective, as it is bringing PHP closer to the IBM community."

"The work IBM and Zend are doing together on PHP supports a paradigm shift toward a new level of productivity and cost effectiveness in Web development," said Doron Gerstel, Co-founder, President and CEO of Zend Technologies. "Our joint delivery today of the Zend Core for IBM product is an important first step in this effort."

Zend Core for IBM is immediately available as a free download through the DB2 and Cloudscape product site and IBM's developer portal, developerWorks, IBM's online resource for developers, http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/db2/products/opensource. developerWorks also hosts about 30 articles and tutorials for beginner, intermediate and advanced developers to help drive skills around PHP. Once the product is downloaded, PHP development or production servers can be setup within minutes. Zend Core for IBM support and updates will be made available directly from Zend Technologies, and are compatible with existing products such as Zend Platform and Zend Studio. IBM has also announced that Zend Core for IBM will support the latest version of Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) v10 later this year.

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