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Zend Announces V5R3 Compatibility, PHP Redbook™, and RPG Web Cast

Cupertino, California – January 10th, 2007 - Zend Technologies Inc., the PHP company, today announced the general availability of Zend Core for i5/OS Version 1.6. This release enables those companies on version V5R3 to run supported and hardened PHP on the System i. Prior to this release only those running V5R4 could leverage supported PHP. Companies on V5R4 can also utilize Zend Core for i5/OS Version 1.6 as it is backward compatible.

Additionally, the new PHP Redbook will be available on the IBM website (http://www.redbooks.ibm.com) over the next couple of weeks. The Team responsible for authorizing this Redbook is Gary L. Mullen-Schultz, Melissa Anderson, and Vlatko Kosturjak with contributions from Jim Bainbridge, Tony Cairns, Craig Johnson, Kent Milligan, David Peraza, Michael Sandberg, Steve Will, Whei-Jen Chen, and Alan Seiden.

Finally, a web cast entitled "Why RPG programmers should care about PHP" will occur on February 14th. During this free web cast George Farr, iSeries Application Development overall solution manager for IBM, and Jon Paris from Partner400 will discuss PHP and RPG in more detail. George and Jon will also cover some of the resources and tools that can assist PHP developers. Please register here.

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