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Deploy and manage your business-critical PHP applications Zend Server lets you deploy your PHP applications with confidence onto a business-grade PHP stack. Once your applications are running, use Zend Server to rapidly respond to problems and optimize application performance.
Maximize your PHP development productivity Zend Studio is the professional-grade PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that maximizes your productivity as a developer by enabling you to develop, test and debug code faster, troubleshoot application issues quickly and improve team collaboration.
Protect your PHP applications from unlicensed use Zend Guard provides you with the ability to safely distribute and manage the distribution of your PHP applications while protecting your source code.
Run Zend-Guard-encoded applications Zend Optimizer is a free runtime application that enables you to execute scripts encoded by Zend Guard. Use Zend Optimizer as part of a complete PHP source code management solution.
Rapidly create flexible and modern PHP applications Zend Framework, the leading open-source PHP framework, provides functionality for the 80% of the application code that is common across many applications, so you can focus on customizing the other 20% of your applications to satisfy your business requirements.
Zend DBi 100%-compatible MySQL replacement for IBM i
Part of the enterprise-ready PHP technology stack for IBM i, Zend DBi is built from MySQL source and will be kept up to date by Zend and IBM with all features and bug fixes introduced in MySQL.