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Events - 6 / 20 / 2013

WEBINAR: ZF, Ext JS and noSQL, the perfect alchemy to build the next CMS generation

June 20, 2013 - June 20, 2013

10:00am PDT, 1:00pm EDT, 6:00pm GMT, 7:00pm CET

Many current open-source CMS solutions, mostly based on traditional relational databases, have reached their limit. They are no longer able to fully address new web uses and challenges such as mobility, high volume and performance, ergonomics and accessibility. What are the alternative open-source choices to build the best of breed solution in 2013?

This webinar will focus on the example of Rubedo, a highly innovative CMS that brings together the quality and robustness of Zend Framework, the performance and flexibility of the MongoDB – Elastic Search NoSQL stack and the rich and user-friendly interfaces provided by the JavaScript Framework Sencha Ext JS.

Rubedo is developed by WebTales.
Alexandru DOBRE: Lead UI developer, WebTales
Julien BOURDIN: CTO, WebTales