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Zend Core Updates


Zend has released a new update for Zend Core 2.5 for i5/OS, which includes the latest PHP 5.2.6 maintenance release
and a number of other updates. This release includes:

# Latest PHP stable version, PHP 5.2.6
? The latest stable PHP version, PHP 5.2.6 - This release includes over 120 bug fixes and security fixes. Key security fixes are:
- Fixed possible stack buffer overflow in the FastCGI SAPI
- Fixed integer overflow in printf()
- Fixed security issue detailed in CVE-2008-0599
- Fixed a safe_mode bypass in CURL
- Properly address incomplete multibyte chars inside escapeshellcmd()

# PHP Toolkit update - This release includes several key enhancements and bug fixes. Key improvements are:
- Fixed stored procedure result set bug
- Persistent connection improvement. A new I5_OPTIONS_PRIVATE_CONNECTION option in the i5_pconnect() function will allow you to run multiple browser requests using the same System i job. In order to use the I5_OPTIONS_PRIVATE_CONNECTION connection option, make sure to update the Toolkit's server modules. Please contact Zend Support (support@zend.com) for the Toolkit modules' download location.
- New I5_OPTIONS_LOCALCP and I5_OPTIONS_RMTCCSID connection options will allow you to specify the correct ASCII/EBCDIC conversion settings.

# DB2 extension update- This release includes several key enhancements and bug fixes.
# ICONV extension update - This release includes several bug fixes.
# Zend Debugger update - This Debugger version is compatible with Zend Studio 6.0.1. for i5/OS.

Manually download and install updates (offline) instructions:

1. Check the Zend Network website for Zend Update Packages through the following URL: http://www.zend.com/en/products/core/updates.
2. Download Zend Update Package file ZendCore_2.5.2-1_i5_OS.tar.gz
3. Move the downloaded file to the /tmp directory on your i5/OS server.
4. Start the QSH shell by running the command "STRQSH" in your i5/OS command line.
5. In the QSH shell, run the following script "/usr/local/zend/core/sbin/hotfix.sh /tmp/ZendCore_2.5.2-1_i5_OS.tar.gz".
6. Open the Zend Core Setup Tool by running the command "go zendcore/zcmenu" in your i5/OS emulation screen.
7. Select Update via Zend Network Menu | Update Zend Core components | Install Zend Update Packages.

See the 'Updating Zend Core' topic of the Zend Core for i5/OS Online Help
(http://files.zend.com/help/Zend-Core-i5-Help/updating.htm) for more information on how to install Zend Core Updates


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