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Zend Server for Red Hat OpenShift

Zend Server is the leading enterprise-ready platform for deploying, running and managing mobile and web apps. It delivers an elastic, reliable and integrated environment for PHP applications in the cloud. Red Hat and Zend have extended their collaboration to bring Zend Server’s flexibility and ease of application development to PHP developers via Red Hat OpenShift private and public cloud offerings. An application can run on the Zend Server Application Platform on OpenShift Enterprise behind the firewall, and in the exact same environment on the OpenShift Online public cloud offering.


Zend Server for OpenShift Online

A free, simple, flexible PaaS for PHP Developers

Why Zend Server for OpenShift?

  • Makes it simple to develop and scale PHP applications in the cloud with the tools you already use, like Git and Zend Studio
  • Get the advantages of Zend's professional-grade PHP runtime environment, on top of a flexible and scalable cloud application platform that lets you concentrate on your code and your customers
  • Deploy your code to Zend Server on OpenShift with a single click if you also use Zend Studio

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Zend Server for OpenShift Enterprise

Enterprise-grade PHP for private cloud

Why Zend Server for OpenShift Enterprise?

  • Deploy successfully the first time, every time
  • Run on a rock-solid, enterprise-grade PHP stack tested and certified by Zend, the PHP Company
  • Take advantage of Zend Server's application monitoring, advanced debugging, and performance tuning
  • Easily plug in additional software cartridges like MongoDB, MySQL and PostgreSQL to work with your apps
  • Use Zend Studio, the award-winning PHP IDE, to seamlessly develop and deploy your code in OpenShift

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