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Zend Server Features

Support & Security Fixes

Zend provides support for all components of Zend Server including the PHP runtime and Zend Framework, as well as periodic security hot fixes. Zend also provides Long Term Support (LTS) for end-of-life versions of PHP, including PHP 5.3. Enterprise Edition customers also can receive custom fixes to PHP or Zend Framework open source code.

Performance & Scalability

Zend Server enables application performance optimization at several levels. From bytecode caching to data caching to URL-based page caching, multiple tools help deliver maximum PHP efficiency. In addition, the Zend Job Queue allows running time-consuming jobs in-parallel, removing application bottlenecks and reducing server load.

To manage workload, Zend Server allows easy scaling of applications up or down, both on-premise and in the cloud. Zend Server also aggregates monitoring data across all servers in a cluster, providing a simple way to identify and diagnose problems.


Popular Applications Ready for Deployment

Zend Server comes with sample applications ready for deployment, including Drupal, Magento, WordPress and others. To streamline the process of testing out these applications, Zend Server takes care of the configuration and deployment: apps will be up and running within minutes.

Zend Server Sample Apps

Configuration & Deployment

Zend Server streamlines application deployment with a workflow for creating and deploying app packages containing code, scripts, metadata, and installation parameters. Applications can be deployed either from the Zend Server UI or via API, enabling iterative and continuous deployment. Code libraries can be abstracted out from apps and managed centrally, simplifying dependencies and updates. And virtual host configurations, including SSL-enabled ones, are made easy to manage.

Zend Server also ensures configuration consistency across a cluster and monitors all servers within a cluster to trigger alerts on any configuration changes. This centralized configuration management also allows backup and restore of PHP settings, maintaining consistent environments through the entire application lifecycle.

Zend Server PHP MonitoringDeploying Applications (5:09)


Monitoring & Root-Cause Analysis

Zend Server provides a detailed view of the application ecosystem with monitoring dashboards providing metrics on performance and utilization. Monitoring rules can be configured to suit the requirements of each application, providing notification of PHP errors, high memory usage, slow request execution, and more.

When something does go wrong, code tracing provides a snapshot of the issue, giving developers function-by-function insight into the problematic PHP request and slashing troubleshooting time. Because developers can be assigned separate login credentials with read-only access controlled by application, they can safely access production debugging data and get problems resolved faster.


Managing Applications in Zend Server 6Managing Applications (3:01)


Mobile and Web User Intelligence

Dynamic real-time dashboards provide insight into how end-users are using applications running on Zend Server. From response time to system utilization, from request processing breakdowns to geographic locations of users, Zend Server shows the information needed to understand at a deep level how applications are behaving. And mobile-specific charts let application owners understand any differences between their mobile and web audiences.


Enterprise Integration

Zend Server integrates with third party monitoring tools such as Nagios, as well as deployment solutions like Hudson or Jenkins. Enterprises can use the audit trail to track all user activity indicating what happened, when, and by whom. Zend Server’s user management can also integrate with LDAP directories. Furthermore, applications running on Zend Server have access to Java legacy code via a Java connector.
Zend Server Enterprise IntegrationTracking User Activity (3:05)


Development Tools & Runtime

Zend Server provides a consistent stack with popular extensions and libraries built-in, as well as out of the box connectivity to enterprise database technologies. To aid debugging, development code tracing provides in-depth diagnostic analysis of PHP execution related to an event or to a specific URL.

Configuring your PHP StackConfiguring your PHP Stack (4:47)


Web Server Support: Apache, Nginx, IIS

Zend Server works seamlessly with each of the top three web servers to provide a complete application stack. It is designed to work with whichever web server best fits an application's requirements for serving static and media content, combined with providing the fastest and best runtime for serving dynamic PHP content.

Learn more about support for Nginx in Zend Server »


Zend Framework Management

Zend Server ships with the latest versions of both Zend Framework 2 and Zend Framework 1. Applications can specify dependency on a particular version of Zend Framework, with multiple versions easily coexisting on the same server. Getting the latest security patches is as simple as checking for updates, which is made easier by central library management, removing the need to patch multiple copies inside each different app.
Zend Framework

Zend Server Gateway

Zend Server Gateway is an innovative Zend Framework 2 module that provides key APIs for web services such as routing, authentication, validation, filtering and request parameter binding. It supports creation of both RPC-based and RESTful services without the need to write any ‘plumbing’ code. Zend Server Gateway service-description files can be generated using Zend Studio 10’s drag & drop interface. The generated code can be used to build RPC or REST style web service APIs while providing a lightweight and easy to use API to interact with the ZF2 MVC core components.

The ZendServerGateway module uses Zend Framework 2 components to provide:

  • Routing
  • Easy access to url/query/request body parameters
  • Authentication (HTTP Basic/Digest and Token)
  • Validation & Filtering
  • Convenient automated rendering of JSON response type

The ZendServerGateway library is shipped as a component of Zend Server 6, together with Zend Framework 2.


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Customer Quote

   Leveraging Zend Server’s capabilities and SDK allowed us to simplify the scripting and packaging mechanisms for the deployment of our code and to effortlessly support server clusters, enabling non-expert users to initiate deployments. This ensured extra control and the flexibility essential for Novadex to stay at the forefront of cloud based business communication management.   

Andreas RossbachCTO, Novadex

   Our provisioning scripts and the fully laid-out functionality of Zend deployment eliminated a lot of manual processes. Between Zend Server and Zend’s ongoing support, we’ve also gotten a lot of experience on how to do better performance testing.   

Luis ColonDirector of Enterprise Architecture, CDS Global

   With Zend Server, you can have multiple applications running on the same server, whereas other models allow just one application per server. This translates into cost savings for us because our development QA testing server has 12 apps running on it in parallel, and with Amazon Cloud our server costs are our biggest expense.    

Jonathan MarstonVice President of Engineering, EnglishCentral