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Multi-Server Support in Zend Server

High Availability and Scalability for PHP Applications

When the demand on your PHP applications requires extending them across multiple servers, Zend Server can ensure high availability and improved scalability.  By adding Zend Server's cluster management capabilities, IT teams can centrally monitor and manage multiple Zend Server instances, both on-premise and in the cloud.

High Availability
Session clustering provides a fast, scalable, integrated failover solution for your PHP applications
High Scalability
With PHP configuration management and a scalable clustering architecture you have the application infrastructure required to easily scale up or down
Central Management
Detect and isolate PHP issues and configuration mismatches through cluster-wide application monitoring

Ensure High Availability for Business-Critical Applications

When your business depends on PHP applications, you need to provide a great user experience even when a server may be down, whether due to a problem or to scheduled maintenance. Zend Server includes session clustering capabilities that provide a high performance, scalable failover solution for your application.  Zend Server clustered architecture
With Zend Server's cluster management, user sessions are always maintained on multiple servers. When one server becomes unavailable, session data is automatically retrieved from a different server within the cluster, thus making the event completely transparent to end users.

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Scale Up Your PHP Application to Meet Changing Demand

Adding server capacity, especially using virtualization technologies and cloud computing, is easier than ever. However, to achieve true agility and address the challenges of large-scale PHP deployments, you also need a scalable application infrastructure. Zend Server cluster scalability and cloud
With Zend Server, you can centrally manage a cluster of PHP servers. Easily scale up or scale down your application while eliminating problems stemming from configuration mismatches. Quickly detect problems in a multi-server environment and isolate root causes for rapid resolution.

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Manage and Monitor your PHP Cluster

As PHP applications grow in usage and importance, they are likely to be run on multiple servers. PHP is an extremely scalable platform, but managing multiple servers presents its own set of challenges.  From problems resulting from inconsistent server configuration to difficulty in pinpointing problems, all of them can require significant time and effort from server administrators. Zend Server Cluster Manager Events Dashboard

In a clustered Zend Server environment, you can manage multiple Zend Server instances and control them from a centralized Web-based console. By doing so you can ensure consistent PHP and Zend Server configuration across the cluster, you're alerted to problems, and provided the required information for root cause determination.

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