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Zend Server 5.6

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Trying Zend Server is easy:

  1. Get a trial license
  2. Enter the license on the Administration tab in Zend Server Community Edition

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What are the differences between the two editions?

Zend Server Zend Server Community Edition
Native installation
Certified PHP
Zend Framework
Apache or IIS integration
MySQL (on Windows and Mac)
Built-in DB connectivity (Oracle, DB2, MySQL,..)
Java connector
Web-based administrator console
Debugger interface
Bytecode acceleration
Caching API
PHP 5.3 support
Clustering support
Page caching
Application deployment and rollback
Application monitoring (alerting)
Application problem diagnostics
Code tracing
Job queue
Zend Download Server (Linux only)
Software updates and hot fixes
Technical support


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Customer Quote

   Leveraging Zend Server’s capabilities and SDK allowed us to simplify the scripting and packaging mechanisms for the deployment of our code and to effortlessly support server clusters, enabling non-expert users to initiate deployments. This ensured extra control and the flexibility essential for Novadex to stay at the forefront of cloud based business communication management.   

Andreas RossbachCTO, Novadex

   Our provisioning scripts and the fully laid-out functionality of Zend deployment eliminated a lot of manual processes. Between Zend Server and Zend’s ongoing support, we’ve also gotten a lot of experience on how to do better performance testing.   

Luis ColonDirector of Enterprise Architecture, CDS Global

   With Zend Server, you can have multiple applications running on the same server, whereas other models allow just one application per server. This translates into cost savings for us because our development QA testing server has 12 apps running on it in parallel, and with Amazon Cloud our server costs are our biggest expense.    

Jonathan MarstonVice President of Engineering, EnglishCentral