What's New in Zend Server 6.2

Zend Server 6.2 adds the following new features and capabilities:

Virtual Hosts Management 

Zend Server now fully supports creation and management of virtual hosts for both Apache and Nginx. You can now add new virtual hosts, customize existing ones with specific settings and remove unnecessary ones - and easily distribute the changes to all servers in the cluster in one simple action. SSL server configuration is further simplified, with dedicated fields for denoting the location of certificates and keys. Zend Server now also checks your virtual host configuration for consistency issues, and will alert you in case a problem is found.

  • Deployment to Pre-existing Virtual Hosts
    The Zend Server Deployment feature now allows deployment of applications onto pre-existing vhosts that were not created by Zend Server.

  • Automation & Cloud
    Provisioning of new servers is now significantly simpler, with each server automatically receiving the virtual-host configuration as soon as it joins the Zend Server cluster.

Libraries Support

  • Default library selection
    You can now define the default library version to be used by apps that do not call a specific version.
  • Stay up to date with latest releases of libraries
    Zend Server will now automatically download new versions of libraries and prepare them for deployment. There is no longer a need to manually download new versions of libraries.

Other Product Enhancements

  • Debug Mode flag is presented per server in a cluster.
  • Web API 1.6 - Updated and extended RESTful WebAPI exposing a comprehensive set of Web services.
  • Default timezone is set after installation of Zend Server.
  • IBM i:
    • Added a new option to the IBM i Setup Menu: The ‘Autostart Job Settings’ (option 10). This option allows you to control which Zend Server daemons start up when the Zend Server subsystem is started
    • 5250 Bridge API - fixed connection issues




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