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Zend Server for IBM i

Zend Server, the PHP Solution for IBM i

Modernize, Build and Deploy IBM i Applications with PHP

Zend Server brings the power of modern mobile and web interfaces to business-critical applications running on IBM i. By using Zend Server for IBM i, you can leverage the power and flexibility of PHP, the language powering more than 200 million applications and websites, while maintaining your existing RPG and DB2 data and business logic. 

Zend Server for IBM i includes the open source XML Toolkit, allowing PHP applications to easily connect to IBM i resources such as RPG, COBOL, CL programs or commands, Spooled files, etc. The XML Toolkit is packaged as a Zend Server library and can be easily deployed on both IBM i and Windows systems, making it simple for Windows-based developers to write PHP apps designed to run in production on an IBM i system. An application that includes sample scripts for using the XML Toolkit is available for deployment through the Zend Server Guide page.


Zend Server for IBM i is designed for today's agile, rapidly iterating software development world. It provides:

  • Faster, less error-prone, automation-ready application deployment
  • Instant insight into root cause when an app does not perform in production as it did in development
  • Advanced troubleshooting tools that provide a recorded method-by-method snapshot of the underlying code execution, enabling developers to more rapidly solve problems
  • A clear view of every change to production system configurations – who changed which settings and when
  • Visibility and proactive monitoring of application performance trends via performance metric dashboards and custom alerting
  • API based architecture that enables integration with a range of continuous integration and monitoring tools, such as Hudson, Jenkins, Nagios, and HP OpenView
  • Up to 24x7x365 technical support and the latest security updates for PHP and Zend Framework

The basic edition of Zend Server comes included with the IBM i operating system, in addition to being available for download from Zend. It includes one free year of Zend Support thanks to the partnership between Zend and IBM.

More comprehensive features and functionality, data retention, and technical support are available in the Enterprise or Professional editions of Zend Server.

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Customer Quote

   We chose Zend for the robust quality of its PHP application development platform, with application monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization capabilities as well as strong integration with IBM i.    

Dr. Rainer SchmitzHead of IT, Aalberts Industries, Group Material Technology

   One of the chief reasons we implemented the Zend PHP stack on the IBM i is the ease with which we could integrate with and call out existing RPG and SQL functions.   

Ray TaylorAssistant IT Director, Corvette America