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What's New in Zend Studio 9

Git/GitHub, Cloud, and More in a Leaner and Meaner PHP Editor

Zend Studio 9 introduced several new capabilities designed to work with the development processes that developers increasingly use today, including:

Of course, these improvements and new capabilities all build upon Zend Studio 8's award-winning features like deep Zend Framework integration, integrated JavaScript editing and debugging, and other PHP development power tools.

Write code using PHP 5.4

New in Zend Studio 9.0.2, you can take advantage of workflows to quickly learn the new capabilities of PHP 5.4, including source code editing, CLI script execution, remote debugging and application deployment.

The most significant release of PHP since 2009, PHP 5.4 brings major performance and memory footprint improvements as well as new features like Traits.

Bootstrap your projects and start writing high quality code more quickly

Join the distributed version control revolution! Zend Studio 9 adds the ability to create projects right from Git and GitHub – in addition to other supported source control options like SVN and CVS.

You'll also benefit from the many JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 editor improvements in Eclipse 3.7 (Indigo), on which Zend Studio 9 is built.

Develop for the cloud more easily

Zend Studio 9 was designed with cloud development in mind. It allows you to code using the Zend Developer Cloud on phpcloud.com as your development runtime – now you can use an instantly available, consistent PHP environment that delivers superior debugging, increased productivity and collaboration in the cloud. It's also easier than ever to deploy PHP applications into any of several supported clouds.

And if you work with Amazon Web Services, you'll find it easier than ever to leverage services like EC2, S3, and others using the AWS toolkit built into Zend Studio 9.

Make sure your code is deployed properly

How many times have you pushed out code to your operations team only to encounter delays in deployment, incorrectly deployed code, or endless back-and-forth with operations on the right way to deploy?

Zend Studio 9 allows you to create consistent, reliable application packages that bundle PHP code, deployment scripts, and application metadata that can be handed to operations for deployment the right way, every time. Applications can be deployed on a number of Zend Application Fabric-enabled Clouds (RightScale, Amazon CloudFormation, IBM SmartCloud) as well as to on-premise Zend Server.

Use a faster and more lightweight IDE

We've listened to our users, who have said they want a more streamlined development environment that starts up and runs faster, and occupies a smaller footprint. Consequently, Zend Studio 9 was designed with these objectives in mind. Smart product configuration means that unneeded components aren't installed until required, resulting in up to 67% faster startup, 40% smaller disk footprint, and an overall snappier development experience.


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Customer Quote

   My first impression of Studio 10 is good! Eclipse itself seems more stable, more responsive and less CPU hungry, and the content assist seems to have a better response time. And having mobile application development in the same IDE as the backend work is great!   

Thijs LensselinkPHP Developer, www.mobiletulip.com

   Zend Studio 10 is fully integrated with Git, PHPUnit and Zend Framework 2, which gives me one convenient place for my coding practices. When using ZF2, it's invaluable thanks to its seamless integration.    

Ore LandauPHP Developer, SangtamTech

   I'm enjoying every minute I'm working using Zend Studio 10. Zend Studio 9 was really good, but version 10 is an almost telepathic assistant, sharp and quick -- I'm delighted. Keep up the good work on this brilliant piece of software.    

Daniil KalninSenior Web Developer, www.77agency.com

   I am really excited about how easy it is to make a ZF2 project, create modules, and get template files that I can just edit instead of having to write from scratch.    

Jimmy SolePHP Developer