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Zend Studio 12 Beta - Now available


Zend Studio is the professional PHP IDE designed to “mobilize” PHP apps and boost developers’ productivity. It helps create and maintain PHP code effectively, solve problems quickly, deploy in the cloud and improve team collaboration.


Why Zend Studio?

  • Code editor featuring intuitive code assist, code completion, refactorings, real-time code validation and analysis

  • Advanced debugging capabilities supporting ZendDebugger and XDebug

  • Source Control Integration with built-in support for Git & GitHub

  • Streamlined workflows for building web service APIs with Apigility

  • Built-in tools: Composer, PHPUnit, PHPDocumentor 2

  • Supports all frameworks: Zend Framework, Laravel, Symfony, etc.

  • Visual, drag-and-drop UI editor for Web Mobile App development 

  • Cloud deployment  on AWS, Red Hat OpenShift, Microsoft Azure, IBM SoftLayer

  • Professional Eclipse ecosystem with largest library of plug-ins

  • Dedicated training

  • Active community of users


Get up and running fast with wizards, additional plug-ins, tutorials and videos.

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What's New

Zend Studio is getting better with every release, keeping up with latest PHP and application development trends. The latest release integrates a variety of modern tools, and brings new and enhanced capabilities for faster application development.


New Dark Theme

Apigility Integration

Improved Integration with Application Servers

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Developer Quotes

Zend Studio is everything you need to work with if you manage web and mobile applications written in PHP. This version 11 is awesome when it comes to prototyping, developing, testing, debugging and running your critical PHP apps. If you develop mobile apps, Zend Studio handles both server and client side for you. A real time saver! I enjoy the wizards, which help to configure my cloud instances access and the Composer single click dependencies installation. My favorite? Git/Gihub support! I also use YAML, and although Studio does not support it natively, there’s an Eclipse plug-in for that!


Julien Guittard, Lead Developer at Visual Online, Luxembourg



Personal Use

Zend Studio License with 1 year of free upgrades for individual developers or personal use



3-Year Free Upgrades

Zend Studio License with 3 years of free upgrades and support for professional developers and businesses



Open Source Projects & Classrooms

Zend Studio license for open-source contributors and for instructors/administrators of a PHP course



*For more information, check out the comparison of different license options.

*If you've purchased a license in the past, check your Zend account for renewal options.