Signal Iduna Park | Dortmund, Germany | November 10, 2016


PHP.RUHR is a software development expert conference for software developers and decision makers from business and administration. Main emphasis of the event is the presentation of new trends and technologies as well as the intensive exchange of changes and challenges of individual software solutions.

The software development conference PHP.RUHR at the Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund is the ideal place for software developers and decision-makers to get away from day-to-day business into meaningful conversation.

Experts will talk about new trends and technologies. Workshops will help to deepen know how. And in addition to the PHP programming language, issues such as IT security, databases, and web hosting will be discussed at the event.

The conference offers a varied range of current IT topics for professional participants. Top priority is networking in an entertaining atmosphere - whether playing table soccer, attending the cocktail reception at the lawn edge, or in the subsequent evening event as a finale. Participation in an exclusive stadium tour of Germany's largest soccer stadium is possible.

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Modernize your app with Zend Expressive

Presenter: Jan Burkl

Abstract: In the last couple of years I've seen many different applications: Spaghetti code, framework based apps, good or bad code quality. But there's one thing most of them have in common at a certain point in time: For different reasons it's hard to migrate to the state-of-the-art programming methodology. And now Zend Expressive comes into play. Zend Expressive is not only a slim middle-ware framework which implements the PSR 7 standard. Thanks to it's simple base concept Expressive is great as a quick start for your migration project and a smooth transition to the next generation of the app. See in this session best practices on how to bridge your legacy system - like a ZF 1 or Symfony 1 application - to Expressive and move it to the next level.



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