Zend Developer Series: Build a Pattern for Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Cupertino, CA.—November 15, 2013
“What we hope ever to do with ease, we must first learn to do with diligence.” - Samuel Johnson [1]

Did you know? 

  • The need for frequent, high-quality releases has led many companies to turn to continuous integration (CI).
  • CI makes development more agile by letting you automate tests and find problems before code is deployed.
  • Jenkins, the top open-source CI server, provides an easy-to-use continuous integration system. You can build and test software projects continuously, making it easier to catch bugs, integrate changes and sync projects across teams.

Zend, the PHP Company, wants to help developers work with Jenkins as part of a larger process of continuous delivery. Zend Server, which comes in both free and paid editions, integrates with Jenkins to let you automatically test builds and deployments.

How Zend Server Helps Developers (Yes, Even the Free Edition!) 

  • Ensure that your app passes all tests and builds, and can be deployed successfully to staging and production. Use the Zend Pattern for Jenkins as a template for adding packaging and deployment to Jenkins.
  • Automatically perform test deployments after every integration build. PHPpcs, code violation checks using phpcpd and phpmd and unit testing integration via phpunit are all supported.
  • Deploy onto infrastructure automatically provisioned through Chef or Puppet. After every integration, Zend Server's deployment automation validates that applications and code libraries can be rapidly and consistently deployed onto QA, staging or production servers. Zend packages the application in a *.zpk deployment package and deploys the archive onto Zend Server.
  • Achieve consistency, automation and collaborationin both development and deployment. Have deployable code at all times, a key ingredient for continuous delivery.

Learn More

Interested? Download the Zend Pattern for Jenkins. For a full end-to-end picture of what Zend is doing with continuous delivery, download the entire Blueprint for Continuous Delivery 


[1] BrainyQuote http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/s/samueljohn165968.html

About Zend Technologies 

Zend partners with businesses to rapidly deliver modern apps across mobile and cloud. Zend helped establish the PHP language, which today powers over 200 million applications and web sites. Zend’s flagship offering, Zend Server, is the leading Application Platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP. Zend solutions are deployed at more than 40,000 companies, including NYSE Euronext, BNP Paribas, Bell Helicopter, France Telecom and other leading brands worldwide. Learn more atwww.zend.com.


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