Zend Developer Series: Developers Get Better Intelligence on their Apps with Zend Server

Cupertino, CA.— July 12, 2013
“I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it ceased to be one.” - Mark Twain. [1]

Did you know? 

  • On average, people check their smartphones every 6.5 minutes – 150 times per day. [2]
  • In the last six months, 62 percent of apps crashed, froze or displayed an error [3]
  • Only 16 percent of users try a failing app more than twice. [4]
  • A glitch in the Royal Bank of Scotland mobile banking app that affected two million customers cost the bank £175 million in compensation and costs. [5]

Zend, the PHP Company, wants to help developers generate insights into their apps, both in development and production. We’ve designedZend Server, which comes in both free and paid editions, to include intelligence into how apps are behaving, so potential issues can be identified before they affect users.

How Zend Server Helps Developers (Yes, Even the Free Edition!) 

  • Insight into apps in both development and production – See statistics on application health and utilization, such as average response time, average time to process requests by type of component (Database, Network, Disk, PHP), number and type of events (performance alerts, errors, resource related), number of active PHP sessions, and detailed CPU and memory usage.
  • Browser, operating-system and location distribution – Pie charts display website visits by browser, desktop and mobile OS, as well as heat maps showing application users by country.
  • Mobile usage dashboards show information specific to mobile clients:
    • See what percent of your users are mobile versus desktop users, as well as which mobile operating systems are being used
    • See number of requests per second and processing times for requests from mobile devices
  • Rules – Set custom monitoring rules based on statistics.

Learn More

Interested? Get the full lowdown on Zend Server and download for free at www.zend.com/server 


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About Zend Technologies 

Zend partners with businesses to rapidly deliver modern apps across mobile and cloud. Zend helped establish the PHP language, which today powers over 200 million applications and web sites. Zend’s flagship offering, Zend Server, is the leading Application Platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical applications in PHP. Zend solutions are deployed at more than 40,000 companies, including NYSE Euronext, BNP Paribas, Bell Helicopter, France Telecom and other leading brands worldwide. Learn more atwww.zend.com.