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    Zend Developer Pulse 2013
    The 2013 edition of Zend Developer Pulse™ survey revealed important information about the adoption of open standards, along with key trends in DevOps, mobile development and cloud. Thanks to the massive adoption of smartphones and the general consumerization of IT, we now live in an “App Economy,” where applications have become the new face of a business to customers, employees and partners. Read on to find out some of the key factors that affect the ability of companies to deliver these kinds of customer engagement applications.

    Zend Developer Pulse 2012
    The summer 2012 edition of the Zend Developer Pulse™ survey shows that PHP is gaining prominence as a cloud application development language of choice. The combination of speed and ease of use enables developers to build and deploy PHP-based cloud applications quickly: more than half the developers surveyed indicated that the apps they are developing today are destined to be deployed in cloud environments. Read on to discover what over 3,000 PHP developers reported about the today's trends in development.

    Zend Developer Pulse 2011
    Discover what developers in the PHP community are saying about key issues and focus areas for 2012, in Zend Developer Pulse™, a new survey series that takes the pulse of developers on a variety of hot topics. Insights revealed from the surveys are being captured in reports to share with  the many people in and outside of our community who are interested in PHP.


    The State of PHP in the Enterprise
    Zend and UBM TechWeb partnered to release the first significant survey of IT decision-makers that measures usage of the PHP language to create applications in large enterprises. The survey focused on how enterprise director-level and executive decision-makers are using or planning to use PHP. This white paper describes the key findings of the survey, including that PHP is being used broadly to develop and run diverse and business-critical applications. It also describes the drivers of increased PHP adoption, include faster development cycles when compared to other languages, a widely available talent pool, increased efficiency in the application development process, and ease of use.

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       Zend Server paid for itself by virtue of the issues we found and fixed in the first week alone is a benefit that is magnified exponentially as our e-commerce application grows.   

    Josh ButtsDirector of Web Development, Offers.com

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       With Zend Server, we can support more stores placing online orders, while at the same time reducing the manual keying of orders at the distribution center by as much as 35%.    

    Scott CampbellProgrammer Analyst Value Drug Mart