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Technology Management in Growing and Complex Environments – CTO of iV Platform & experts offer best practices

Jon Hibbins, CTO of iV Platform (the largest digital voucher platform in Europe) discusses with Paul Holt (VP EMEA at Zend) and Paul Wander (Owner at Inviqa) how best to adopt PHP & Open Source technologies within demanding enterprise environments. With 15+ years of open source experience each, they explain why PHP is the first choice for many organizations who want to expand their web and mobile presence; why it is important to think of the scalable management of applications from the outset; and how solutions like Zend Server provide the end-to-end assurance and capabilities that allows CTOs to sleep soundly at night! Under Jon’s tenure, iV Platform has grown tremendously, and he shares his experiences of how he handled that rapid expansion of load, traffic spikes, etc. – and offers practical guidance to fellow CTOs, IT Managers, Development & Operations Managers, on how best to use the solutions available within the PHP world to maximum effect.

Presenters – Jon Hibbins, (CTO, iV Platform), Paul Holt (VP EMEA, Zend Technologies) and Paul Wander (Owner, Inviqa) (35 min) - February 27, 2014

Migrating a ZF1 project to ZF2: the Rubedo CMS experience

Rubedo is the leading Big Data open-source CMS.
Initially built on ZF1, it was upgraded to ZF2 during the summer of 2013.
After accomplishing this major upgrade in record time, the dev team from CMS editor WebTales shares their experience.
Among the topics to be discussed: the context, architecture and structure changes, rewriting the code, modular architecture and extensibility, points of interest and caveats, new features made possible by ZF2.

Presenter – Alexandru Dobre, Lead UI developer, Webtales (40 min) - February 18, 2014
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What’s New with Zend Server

Zend Server 6 changes the focus of PHP management from script-based issues and concerns to an application-centric environment. Watch this webinar recording to see the rich productivity features of Zend Server 6 that can help slash development and debug time as well as tighten the overall application centric development environment.
Mike Pavlak provides a live demonstration on an IBM i of these key features and answer questions about how Zend Server and PHP can improve your overall bottom line when modernizing applications and developing new ones.
Following Mike’s presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, BCD's Product Manager, shows you why WebSmart PHP with Zend Server is the fastest way for IBM i programmers to develop PHP web applications.

Presenters – Marcel Sarrasin, BCD & Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies (63 min) - February 13, 2014

Cloud Connected Mobile Authentication in Zend Studio

One of the most common requirements for any mobile project is restricting access through the use of authentication and identity persistence. HTTP basic/digest authentication is generally insufficient for mobile application security. Tune in to this webinar for a practical example of token-based authentication using the default Cloud Connected Mobile Project provided by Zend Studio, with Zend Server as the development runtime environment.

Presenter – Steve Bennett, Senior Application Developer, Soliant Consulting & Joshua Solomin, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Zend Technologies (48 min) - February 12, 2014
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How to Leverage IBM i Resources in Your PHP Development

When choosing a language to develop web applications on your IBM i, one of the most important factors to look at is the integration with DB2 and other IBM i resources. Join Zend’s Mike Pavlak in this webinar where he will discuss how PHP, the world’s most popular web scripting language, accesses information from DB2, RPG and COBOL programs, data areas and more. He’ll also explain why PHP is a great choice for RPG programmers to develop new web applications.
In the second half of this presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, a product manager at BCD, will show you how IBM i programmers can drastically reduce the PHP development cycle by using WebSmart. You'll see a live demo of the WebSmart PHP templates that help you rapidly develop new desktop and mobile PHP applications.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies & Marcel Sarrasin, BCD (58 min) - January 22, 2014
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Authenticate and authorize API with Apigility

In this webinar we will introduce the authentication and authorization features of Apigility. We will show how to create an authentication API based on HTTP basic/digest and OAuth2 and how to manage the authorization of specific API using the admin UI of Apigility. We will build a RESTful API to expose data coming from a MySQL database and we will show how to consume it using an AngularJS client application.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel, Zend Technologies (37 min) - January 15, 2014
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Leverage your IDE experience: Zend Studio 10.5

Zend Studio 10.5 brings significant performance improvements and integration with popular PHP tools. Join this webinar to see how your productivity can be improved: from faster project validation and real time code analysis, managing dependencies with Composer and testing with PHPUnit to generating documentation. Live demo entwined with tips and tricks will help you to get the most out of your IDE!

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (43 min) - January 07, 2014
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Apigility: Agile APIs with ZF

Apigility provides a streamlined interface for API-enabling your code -- whether you've written it yet, or are preparing to write it. We walk you through creating an API, creating and writing services, and even versioning your services so that they can grow with your organization's needs. We will even demonstrate you how you can consume your API via a client-side application written in AngularJS, giving you a mobile interface to your API. So, come join, relax, and learn how you can build and ship your new API!

Presenter – Ralph Schindler, Zend Technologies (53 min) - December 04, 2013
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Rapid modernization of IBM i applications with low risk, high agility

Organizations that have invested in i5/OS systems are always looking to leverage them to better connect with clients, partners and employees. But success means meeting several requirements: from "Keep our legacy application but use a modern front end” and “Modernize our 5250 interfaces" to "Set development standards, educate our RPG developers in the new technology, and provide strategic direction”. Creating web-based applications using DB2/400 and green screen applications is one of the best and quickest ways to do this. In this webinar recording, you'll see why Tim Rowe of IBM called Zend's PHP support "one of the most exciting parts of the TR6 announcement": you'll get a deep dive into the most effective (and quickest) way of modernizing legacy applications while leveraging your existing business logic to create

Presenter – Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies (56 min) - November 26, 2013

Excellerate your career with Zend Certifications

Becoming a Zend Certified Engineer assures your competitiveness in an increasingly competitive environment, enabling you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Whether you are looking for a new job, making your case at your annual salary review, or looking for ways to increase your profile, as a Zend Certified Engineer you have a clear advantage.
In today's competitive market, the 'Zend Certified Engineer' credential demonstrates the highest degree of PHP expertise. Attend this webinar to learn more about the exams, support tools and benefits of becoming a Zend Certified PHP or Framework engineer!

Presenter – Debbie Otterstetter, Zend Technologies (80 min) - November 07, 2013
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An introduction to Domain Driven Design with ZF2

Thinking about building your own Domain Driven Design based model but you aren’t sure about how to do it in ZF2? This webinar will give you a brief introduction to the patterns you would employ to do exactly this. Working knowledge of ZendDb is a plus as we will consume Table Gateway along with the ZendStdlib Hydrator to build a small but complete Domain Model. In the end, you should have a good grasp of all the moving parts that play a part and you’ll be ready to start building a model yourself.

Presenter – Ralph Schindler, Zend Technologies (52 min) - September 25, 2013
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Introduction to Symfony2

This webinar dives right into the Symfony2 full-stack framework, to give beginners an overview of the most widely used features and the workflow. After a broad look at the framework's structure, we create a basic application, learning how to setup a controller, configure routing for it, handle a simple form submission, and render the output using the Twig template engine.

Presenter – Andreas Hucks, SensioLabs Deutschland GmbH   (73 min) September 12, 2013
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Case Study: PHP on IBMi – Work Order Management System

This session will describe a recently completed project in which an IBM iSeries shop replaced a legacy, green-screen RPG application with a PHP application running on Zend Server on IBM i. A utility company needed to replace and modernize their internal work order management system, and chose a web browser interface and PHP as the technology backbone. The system is largely object-oriented, using several components of the Zend Framework. Custom classes include extension of Zend Form which reads DB2 metadata to automatically build forms and field groups, with automatic type checking and input field sizing as well as other features derived from the DB2 metadata. Authentication uses IBM i user profiles. Other highlights of the design include classes for nav buttons, paginator, search filter, CSV download, DB connection singleton class, and reporting and form printing using JOD Reports running on a remote server called from PHP

Presenters – John Valance, JValance Consulting (79 min) - September 4, 2013
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What's new in Zend Framework 2.2?

This webinar will give you a tour through the new features of Zend Framework 2.2. We will discuss the new Abstract Factories for common services, the DDL support for ZendDb, the OpenStack support of ZendService_OpenStack, the ZendService_Api component to facilitate the usage of API call, the ZFTool diagnostic feature, the Hydrator improvement and – last but not least - the Lazy services implementation using VirtualProxy. Curious about how these features work and why you should use them? Then this session is right for you!

Presenters – Enrico Zimuel, Zend Technologies (19 min) - August 27, 2013
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Nginx, code libraries, and more: see what's new in Zend Server 6.1!

Ever thought about trying the Nginx web server to serve the static pieces of your PHP app, but didn't know how to set it up? Or wondered if there was a better way to handle PHP library dependencies? With the latest release of Zend Server - including the free edition - you're in luck! In this webinar, you'll get a tour of how Zend Server has implemented some of our users most requested features and how you can take advantage.

Presenter – Joshua Solomin (32 min) - July 17, 2013
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ZF, Ext JS and noSQL, the perfect alchemy to build the next CMS generation

What are the alternative open-source choices to build the best of breed CMS solution in 2013? This webinar will focus on the example of Rubedo, a highly innovative CMS that brings together the quality and robustness of Zend Framework, the performance and flexibility of the MongoDB – Elastic Search NoSQL stack and the rich and user-friendly interfaces provided by the JavaScript Framework Sencha Ext JS.

Presenters – Alexandru Dobre, Lead UI developer, WebTales & Julien Bourdin, CTO, WebTales (60 min) - June 20, 2013
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Extending the Zend Server 6.1 UI and WebAPI

Zend Server 6 has always emphasized the availability of all functionality through the WebAPI. This approach makes adding new, custom functionality to the UI or WebAPI easier than ever before. This webinar goes into details about the basic concepts used to build the UI, gives examples how to use the facilities provided by Zend Server, and also provides a step-by-step walk through of building WebAPI actions from scratch. If you're interested in adding your own tabs, WebAPI actions or in modifying the UI's behavior, this webinar will be an excellent place to start.

Presenter – Yonni Mendes (61 min) - June 19, 2013
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What's New with Zend Server for IBM i

This webcast focuses on the latest version of the PHP stack for IBM i, Zend Server 6 and Zend Studio 10. We review the IBM/Zend partnership, examine the installation and architecture of the new product suite and explore the features of the commercial and community editions of Zend Server for IBM i. This is the ideal place to start when exploring PHP on IBM i or just to catch up on the latest feature set.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (58 min) - June 5, 2013
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Mobile App Development in Zend Studio 10

Write it in Studio, run on your Smartphone. This session is a review of tools and goodies available specially for Zend Studio users that will lead you thru jQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, CSS3, ImpactJS learning curve. We build up a simple mobile app that uses phone API during the session.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (65 min) - May 22, 2013
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Why PHP on IBM i?

IBM and Zend have partnered since 2005 to deliver the world’s most popular web scripting language natively to IBM i. In this session IBM speaker Tony Cairns is here to update the PHP on IBM i community on the latest collaboration efforts, application development strategies and powerful new features of XML Service. Split between strategic and technical, this webinar is a can’t miss for any PHP developer delivering applications on IBM i.

Presenter – Tony Cairns, IBM (47 min) - May 16, 2013
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Behavior Driven Development with Behat

Unit tests give you a good base to ensure your classes are working technically correct. Integration tests show that they play well with each other. But who takes care that all your code actually does what your business owner wants it to do?
This session gives you an introduction into Behavior Driven Development on basis of Behat to help you achieve automated testing of specifications.

Presenter – Tobias Schlitt, Quafoo GmbH   (55 min) May 8, 2013
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PHP, Security & Enterprise Compliance, and Zend Server's Really Useful Toolset

In today's high speed development and deployment world, security standards and compliance to them are more important than ever, since problems can spin out of control so quickly. It's an environment where many actors perform many operations simultaneously, which creates a chaos of changes that are difficult to follow and control. That's where Zend Server 6 can help: it's a production PHP server stack that was designed with the enterprise in mind. In this webinar we go over the tools Zend Server provides to deal with the challenges of security and audit compliance. And because no tool could possibly encompass all possible requirements, we also take a peek into how Zend Server can be customized with security compliance in mind.

Presenter – Yonni Mendes (44 min) - May 7, 2013
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Writing Services with ZF2

ZF2 takes a different approach to services; there are several services out there and you should be providing the ability for ZF2 to integrate with this. ZF2 marries services with composer and a different packaging mechanism to ensure that services can be released without a specific framework version. This not only helps the framework but helps you prevent an API changing in between framework releases without having an issue of awaiting a framework release.

Presenter – Mike Willbanks (23 min) - May 2, 2013
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Get To Speed with Zend Framework 2 in Zend Studio 10

Give us a minute to show the new tools added in Zend Studio 10, based on feedback from ZF2 early adopters. New Studio addresses getting started with ZF, problems happening during actual coding and preparing ZF for deployment. During this talk you'll see application and modules being created without memorizing their shape or GIT url. We'll be using variables and helpers without constantly jumping to their source, managing class maps without counting the brackets and organizing code without desperate shift+arrows-work!. Zend Studio has gone a long way towards better understanding ZF2 projects and you have to see it to believe it.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (36 min) - April 24, 2013
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DB2 and PHP - Best Practices on IBM i

As IBM i's primary database, DB2 provides the foundation for mission-critical PHP applications. Used properly, DB2 can provide improved performance, data integrity, remote connectivity, and security. This sessions shows many tips and techniques for developing and configuring DB2-based PHP applications on IBM i.

Presenter – Alan Seiden (52 min) - April 17, 2013
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Build RESTful ZF2 Applications

In this webinar, Matthew presents a quick overview of considerations necessary for building a RESTful JSON API, focusing on the Hypermedia Application Language (HAL) project. He demonstrates using a Zend Framework 2 module, PhlyRestfully, to build a web service. In the process, you'll gain some insights into building your own modules, as well as extending and collaborating with existing modules, when developing your own Zend Framework 2 applications.

Presenter – Matthew Weier O'Phinney, ZF Project Lead (66 min) - April 4, 2013
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A version of a very similar webinar is available in Portuguese. Watch webinar or download slides.

Developing Mobile Apps that utilize Cloud Web Services

This webinar recording shows how to use Zend Studio 10 and Zend Server 6 to develop a new class of mobile apps that connect to cloud based Web Services. The new Zend Studio 10 supports the development of mobile apps that can run as native apps on Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile devices. These mobile apps can connect to cloud based REST Web Services that utilize the Zend Server Gateway with a simple drag and drop user interface. Built on the popular Zend Framework, the Zend Server Gateway provides a simple way to developer Restful and RPC service with built in support for authentication, data validation and other common services.

Presenter – Kent Mitchell (59 min) - March 20, 2013
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Zend Server 6 - Application Centric UI

Zend Server 6's brand new UI introduces several new features and improvements to Zend's set of php tools. One of the greatest improvements driving this version is Zend Server's ability to apply features and filter information based on applications introduced into Zend Server. This improvement comes into play in many facets of the UI and Zend Server's functionality and allows the user great flexibility in defining application-specific rules for Zend Monitor, Page Cache and other systems. In this Webinar we demonstrate some of these capabilities and show how to leverage this powerful tool to focus your monitoring needs on the problems and applications that are actually important to you.

Presenter – Yonni Mendes (36 min) - March 13, 2013
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The PHP Toolkit from Zend and IBM

PHP applications on IBM i have a great way to access resources such as RPG and COBOL programs, system commands, data areas, and more, using a free, flexible, open source toolkit, supported by Zend. Using IBM's XMLSERVICE toolkit on the back end, it's all open source, enabling a high level of quality and functionality delivered by Zend, IBM, and IBM i community members who take the initiative. In this webinar you learn, how your older PHP applications can use the new toolkit with minimal changes, thanks to the Compatibility Wrapper (CW), developed for Zend by Alan Seiden. You'll also see, how to optimize performance, develop PHP on your laptop (Windows, Linux) or in the "cloud" and deploy to the IBM i. Last but not least you'll receive suggestions for security, troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks to work with your IBM i in new ways.

Presenter – Alan Seiden (49 min) - March 6, 2013
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Let's Talk: Efficient Communication for PHP and Android

While mobile devices have evolved dramatically, their increased availability to consumers has added strain to networks and service providers are still struggling to make capacity meet demand. To keep hardware costs down, developers must now pinch bytes of bandwidth as they did with memory back in the earlier days of computing. This presentation will review the process of building a PHP-based REST web service to be consumed by a native Android application. Some of the general concepts it presents are also applicable to other mobile platforms such as iOS. It focuses mainly on handling data serialization and compression in both environments.

Presenter – Matthew Turland   (49 min) February 28, 2013
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Zend Studio 10 - A Fresh Goody Bag of New Features for PHP Development

Discover how new PHP editor features in Zend Studio 10 will help you code faster and better, get up to speed and feel comfortable with Zend Framework 2 projects, publish web services to the cloud and create mobile applications! Attend this webinar for a guided tour to new and noteworthy areas of Zend Studio 10.

Presenter – Natalia Bartol (50 min) - February 27, 2013
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ZF2 for ZF1 Developers

Zend Framework 2 is here! But where do you start? Even the most seasoned of Zend Framework 1 veterans can struggle trying to comprehend the sweeping changes between Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2.
This session runs you through some of the core components of Zend Framework 2 by (very loosely) comparing them to their ZF1 equivalents. Firstly we cover some core concepts, like bootstrapping, routing and namespacing. Then we discover the “Holy Trinity” of ZF2’s core; namely the Module Manager, Event Manager and Service Manager. Finally, we take a look at some individual and widely used components, like ZendDb, ZendForm and ZendTranslate.

Presenter – Gary Hockin (55 min) - February 26, 2013
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A version of this webinar is available in Portuguese. Watch webinar or download slides.

Zend Server 6 - Bridging the Devops Chasm

This webinar will introduce you to Zend Server 6, the #1 choice for deploying, running, and managing mobile and web applications written in PHP. You’ll hear about the new features of the product including advanced production debugging, deployment tools, performance optimization features, faster app problem resolution, scaling, and more. You’ll also see a hands-on demonstration of Zend Server 6’s new cool UI.

Presenter – Zeev Suraski (81 min) - February 21, 2013
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The PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use

The PHP 5.4 release brought with it the usual excellent selection of entries in the changelog - but which of those will you be using in your real applications this year? This talk looks at a selection of the additions that have arrived with PHP 5.4, examining each one in turn and showing examples of using it. Recommended for PHP developers, architects and technical managers, the aim is to have a hands-on demonstration of the best on offer and where it might fit in to your existing ecosystem.

Presenter – Lorna Mitchell   (55 min) February 19, 2013
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Doctrine 2 ORM and Zend Framework 2: an introduction to DoctrineModule

Learn more about the reasons to use or not Doctrine 2 ORM and some basic functionalities available in the ORM. Marco Pivetta describes how to install and configure a ZendMVC based application for usage with doctrine, and also the features provided by DoctrineModule, such as Validators, Authentication, Forms, Caching, Pagination, CLI Tools and Integration with ZendDeveloperTools.
This session also covers many best-practices and common mistakes you may encounter while developing applications based on the ORM.

Presenter – Marco Pivetta (Ocramius) (56 min) - February 14, 2013
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A Tale Of Two Applications

At one point in time, Chris Tankersley was the technical lead on two different projects. One was an application his company was purchasing from a vendor that was being written in Java (and had previously been written in .NET by another vendor, who then switched to Java, and then abandoned the project), and one was being built in-house with PHP on the IBM i. They were the same product for two different product lines that they offered, but time constraints forced them to build two products in tandem. In the end, the PHP application was completed and delivered to end-users in about 7 months from start to finish, while the former project languished. In this webinar, we compare the two projects in the tools and technologies that were used to integrate with the IBM i backend as well as programming.

Presenter – Chris Tankersley (32 min) - February 13, 2013
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Zend Server UI - A ZF2 Case Study

With the Zend Server releases, Zend has completely redesigned the UI for its flagship product, Zend Server. In this session we take a look at how we built out the new UI using Zend Framework 2 and examine some of the things we learned.

Presenter – Yonni Mendes (58 min) - January 29, 2013
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Building Secure Web Applications with ZF2

Security is a very important aspect of web applications and is not only limited to "filter the input and escape the output". In this session we will present the security features of Zend Framework 2 that can help PHP developers to build secure web applications. We will talk about the Authentication and Authorization component, the Escaper component and the Cryptographic component that can help to protect sensitive data using standard cryptographic algorithms.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (58 min) - January 23, 2013
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Restful Web Services with PHP and IBM i

Have you ever wanted to share data across systems? In this presentation, Mike Pavlak explores the transfer of information using web services and IBM i. Intersystem as well as intra system communication of data are explored as well as the ease in which a web services layer can be implemented into an existing IBM i environment. The techniques that are shared can be leveraged across platforms, as well as in a single LPAR.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (56 min) - January 16, 2013
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Building Testable PHP Applications

There is lots of info out there on how to use testing tools but very little info on how to build your application in such a way that it can easily be tested. This session will cover strategies that can be used to shape your application in such a way that writing tests becomes easy instead of punishment detail.
Learn about loosely-coupled architectures, dependency injection and why your tests should never touch a real database or call a real web-accessible API during testing.

Presenter – Chris Hartjes   (64 min) January 10, 2013
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Reface IBM i Green Screens or Rewrite Them with PHP - Which Should You Choose?

Green screens are the key reason why many people perceive the IBM i as outdated. It's not a question of whether you should provide most of your IBM i applications with a web GUI, but how you should do it.
In this webinar, Marcel Sarrasin, BCD’s product marketing manager, presents two complementary approaches designed to meet your short and long term modernization needs. You’ll learn:
  • The pros and cons of web enabling RPG applications vs. rewriting them with PHP
  • How to deliver web applications that utilize your existing RPG skills and code
  • How to give all your green screen applications a web GUI with minimal effort
  • How to develop fully-functioning PHP web applications in minutes
In the last part of this presentation, Alan Seiden, PHP Community Leader, shows you how to leverage existing RPG and COBOL code using the new open source PHP toolkit for IBM i. He also explains the requirements to run PHP on the IBM i.

Presenters – Marcel Sarrasin & Alan Seiden (59 min) - December 04, 2012
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During the last 15 minutes, the presentation is temporarily out of synch. The slides can be reviewed in the PDF. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Internationalization in ZF2

Building internationalized web applications is the key for global success. To achieve this goal with the least possible effort, Zend Framework 2 ships with a completely rewritten i18n layer, based on the well known Intl PHP extension. In this webinar, you will get an in-depth view into the new translation process and the features of the Intl extension, which will enable you to write more portable internationalized code.

Presenter – Ben Scholzen, DASPRID's (36 min) - November 27, 2012
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Black Magic with Regular Expressions

As the second part of our RegExp webinars this session details all the fun stuff possible with PCRE: Named Subpattern, Greediness, Assertions, Unicode, Defines and more. If you have some introductory knowledge about Regular Expressions, but are keen to learn what else is possible, watch this Webinar to learn more sophisticated usages. You missed the first part? Watch the recording of the Understanding Regular Expressions session, to get an overview of the basic features.

Presenter – Jakob Westhoff, Qafoo GmbH   (56 min) November 20, 2012
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ZendDb Usage in Architecting Models

ZendDb's new architecture gives you more separation of concerns and modularity in your usage of ZendDb's components. In this webinar, Ralph Schindler guides you while you look at ZendDb's role as a persistence layer when growing your own models in your application. This includes TableGateway, RowGateway, consumption of database metadata and more. In the end, you'll have a more complete picture of the various tools available in Zend Framework 2.0 that aid you in building next-generation persistence backed applications.

Presenter – Ralph Schindler (64 min) - November 15, 2012
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PHP in the enterprise: how Zend helps modernize application development to bring projects to market faster

Faster time to market has become a critical business driver, differentiating your company from the competition. In this webinar, we discuss specific examples demonstrating the combined benefits of the Zend PHP stack and Compunnel's expertise in designing, architecting and developing enterprise grade applications: significant reduction in development time, faster time to market, and lower total cost of ownership and long term sustenance.

Presenters – Sriraj Mallick, Compunnel & Ed Kietlinski, Zend Technologies (61 min) - November 8, 2012
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Magenthome - Join the Community and deploy your free Virtual Private Servers in an optimized Environment!

Magenthome - Join the Community and deploy your free Virtual Private Servers in an optimized Environment!

Magenthome is an online service provided by and for e-commerce and Magento enthusiasts and developers who have a shared passion: Code Optimization.
Magenthome’s main goal is to connect Magento developers in order to create the perfect place to share knowledge, ideas, configurations and tricks. Be a part of the community and get instant access to your free Virtual Private Servers, and start coding like crazy with a perfectly designed configuration for your Magento project.

Presenters – Kevin Ludford, NBS System UK Manager, & Jason Bramsden, NBS CTO (15 min) - October 31, 2012
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Resolve PHP Problems Quickly and Optimize Performance with Zend Server for IBM i

In today’s business climate you have a choice as to when you become aware of an issue: when it happens or when the boss is breathing down your neck. Either scenario is possible with PHP on IBM i but only Zend Server has the tools to proactively manage your PHP environment and keep you ahead of the troubleshooting curve.
In this presentation, Zend Solution Consultant Mike Pavlak discusses:
  • The PHP environment architecture
  • How Zend Server for IBM i optimizes performance and helps resolve problems faster
  • The differences between Zend Server CE and the full edition
  • How Zend Server simplifies management of your business-critical workloads
At the end of this presentation Marcel Sarrasin, BCD's Product Manager, will show you why WebSmart PHP with Zend Server is the fastest way for IBM i programmers to develop PHP web applications on the IBM i or other platforms.

Presenters – Mike Pavlak & Marcel Sarrasin (58 min) - October 30, 2012

The MVC architecture of ZF2

In this webinar, we present the MVC (Model View Controller) architecture of Zend Framework 2 (ZF2).
We show how to manage the HTTP request and how to handle the flow of a web application using events. Moreover we introduce the new module architecture of ZF2 that can help PHP developers to improve the practices of software reuse.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (45 min) - October 30, 2012
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Simplified PHP Application Development for the Cloud with Zend and OpenShift

If you are a developer interested in learning how to reduce the time it takes to develop, tune, deploy and scale your PHP apps, this webinar is for you. Topics covered include:

  • A code walk-through of a PHP app built with a MongoDB backend that makes use of Twilio APIs
  • Application deployment to OpenShift using Zend Studio
  • Zend Studio refactoring, code assist and semantic analysis
  • Zend Server code optimization, data caching and debugging

Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Grant Shipley, OpenShift - (56 min) October 17, 2012

Introducing the Zend Framework 2 ModuleManager

In this webinar, Evan Coury, author of the new ModuleManager component in ZF2, explains exactly how this new component works to enable the development of truly modular applications.

Presenter – Evan Coury (43 min) - October 11, 2012

Spreadsheet Integration with PHP, DB2 and IBM i

In this presentation Mike Pavlak explores several ways to integrate spreadsheet processing and PHP scripts to deliver a variety of solutions that end users will leverage on a daily basis. Simple PHP instruction through the extensions are reviewed.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (45 min) - October 10, 2012
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Being a Good OSS Contributor: Building MongoDB Adapters for Zend Framework 2

10gen recently spent some time developing MongoDB adapters for Zend Framework 2's Session and Log components. Using these as our frame of reference, we walk through the entire contribution process from test-driven development to pull request. Although the code we're be covering is fairly specific, you can expect to pick up knowledge you can apply towards being a welcome contributor on any open-source project.

Presenter – Jeremy Mikola, 10gen (61 min) - October 04, 2012
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PHP for the Private Cloud: Zend on IBM PureApplication System

In an IT world becoming ever more complex, IBM’s PureApplication System offers a powerful and flexible yet simple integrated solution for the heart of the datacenter. And PHP’s power, flexibility, and simplicity make it a perfect match for this private cloud solution. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Zend Server running on an IBM PureApplication System lets you dynamically provision the PHP resources you need to run today’s rapidly iterating, rapidly changing business critical applications.
Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Dave Mitchell, IBM - (58 min) September 26, 2012

Working with ZF2's ZendForm

ZF2 introduces a completely rewritten Form component that can simplify form handling within your web application. Find out in this session how to use ZendForm to render your form, validate your data with input filters and ease the pain of forms on web pages. We look at configuration of form elements, data input filters & validation, error handling and rendering in our view layer using view helpers.

Presenter – Rob Allen (46 min) - September 20, 2012

PHP as Universal Communication Language in Business and Production Processes

In this webinar, Dr. Rainer Schmitz, head of IT at Group Material Technology of Aalberts Industries, shows how PHP is used in the business and production processes. From real-time recording of process parameters on production machines to reporting of financial figures, all programming can be done in one universal language on different platforms such as Windows and Linux servers or IBM i systems. Watch this presentation to see how fast PHP processes can be and how simple systems can be connected.

Presenter – Dr. Rainer Schmitz, GroupMT (59 min) - September 19, 2012
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Getting started with ZF2

Learn the basics so you can get started developing with ZF2 today. We'll cover the basics of creating your first controllers and views, as well as some core principles such as manipulating services and listening to events.

Presenter – Matthew Weier O'Phinney (64 min) - September 20, 2012
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AgileZen and Zend Framework 2 - Project management software and API integration

In this webinar we present the AgileZen project management software. AgileZen is a simple and flexible project management application that draws on ideas from lean manufacturing to provide a new way of thinking about project management. The example here is how the Zend Framework team uses AgileZen to manage the development of the ZF open source project. Moreover we will show how to use the AgileZen API using the component ZendServiceAgileZen of ZF2.
Presenters - Enrico Zimuel, Zend Technologies & Alex Gibson, AgileZen (30 min) - September 5, 2012
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Getting Acquainted with MongoDB

MongoDB is a non-relational, document database designed for ease of use, speed, and scalability. Many developers have discovered that it hits a sweet spot of functionality and flexibility. This session will introduce MongoDB's storage model and query language using the native PHP driver and a plethora of code examples. Along the way, we will note parallels to SQL, discuss limitations, and explore new features.

Presenter – Jeremy Mikola, 10gen   (83 min) August 30, 2012
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How to automate and integrate Zend Server with WebAPI

Thanks to the new Web API of Zend Server 5.1, you can not only clone complete application configurations from a staging system to a production system, but also deploy application directly from command line or a CI system. Moreover, status information and PHP event lists for monitoring systems can be requested directly. Learn how to build up a cluster fully automated with a build system with this powerful REST service.

Presenter – Jan Burkl (55 min) August 23, 2012
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Web-enable Your IBM i Applications

iPro Developer: Web-enable Your IBM i Applications

Watch this webinar, to learn how IBM i customers use PHP to create best-in-class web applications, how PHP fits into the IBM i application development strategy, how to leverage investment in IBM i in a browser-based environment and much more.

Presenter – Alison Butterill, IBM & Mike Pavlak, Zend (62 min) - August 22, 2012
Web-enable Your IBM i Applications  Web-enable Your IBM i Applications Presentation slides  

Upgrading production systems - the Cloud makes it easy!

With the evolution of the cloud, new operational best practices have emerged that can change your approach to application updates. And with RightScale and Zend Technologies, you can easily clone a production environment, test upgrade processes, and roll new solutions live without impacting production servers. Why hope for success when you can guarantee it? Join this webinar to learn how.
Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Ryan Geyer, RightScale - (47 min) August 22, 2012
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Introduction to MySQL for IBM i

Introduction to MySQL for IBM i

Zend DBi is the standard distribution of MySQL for IBM i. This session explores how to install Zend DBi and the IBM DB2 Storage Engine. MySQL command line functions via PASE are reviewed as well as administering MySQL via the GUI shipped with Zend Server called phpMyAdmin. History and practical examples round out the presentation with a live demonstration of the DB2 Storage Engine.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (58 min) - August 16, 2012
Introduction to MySQL for IBM i  Introduction to MySQL for IBM i Presentation slides  

Understanding Regular Expressions

This session does not only allow you to lift the veil and read as well as write the seemingly magic regular expressions, but also demonstrates how and where you can employ them by working with examples in step with actual practice.

Presenter – Jakob Westhoff, Qafoo GmbH   (53 min) August 08, 2012
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Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i webinar

Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i

Mike Pavlak explores even more Open Source tools to help improve the productivity of your development team and user community, such as the project management system Collabtive, and digs into the use cases as well as installation using common open source utilities like 7-zip and FileZilla.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (55 min) - July 18, 2012
Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i  Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i Presentation slides  

InformationWeek: The State of PHP in the Enterprise

A United Business Media survey on the state of PHP has revealed just how pervasive the use of PHP is at large enterprises. Join Eric Bruno, enterprise architect, developer and industry analyst, and executives from Zend Technologies as they explore issues critical to enterprise software.

Presenters: Eric Bruno (Allure Technology), Ido Ben Moshe & Elaine Lennox (Zend Technologies) (53 min) - June 28, 2012
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PHP on IBM i - Beyond the basics webinar

PHP on IBM i - Beyond the Basics

Do you have a basic familiarity with PHP on IBM i, but need some help going beyond the basics of PHP syntax and simple SQL selects? This presentation covers some intermediate topics in PHP programming and presents recipes and examples that you can use to create some useful business applications. Topics covered include: logic for paging through large record sets, creating CSV files and streaming them to the browser, session management and cookies, and sending email with attachments as well as HTML-formatted emails. A basic familiarity with PHP syntax is assumed.

Presenter – John Valance (85 min) - June 20, 2012
PHP on IBM i - Beyond the basics  PHP on IBM i - Beyond the basics Presentation slides

Magento User Experience Monitoring: The Shoppimon Story

A painfully slow online store, broken check out buttons or a faulty search function: Most shoppers abandon the store when they run into problems. Learn how Shoppimon leveraged Zend Framework 2.0 and Zend Server to build a Cloud application that finds Magento problems through a PHP-based virtual-user engine.

Presenter – Shahar Evron, CTO, Shoppimon (53 min) - June 14, 2012

What's the big deal about the small Git version control system?

In this session, Matthew McCullough of GitHub gives a hands-on demonstration on Git, showing why Git matters and why we are suddenly hearing so much about a tool invented seven years ago. The free open source social coding features of GitHub are also shown along with how they organically motivated PHP to move its sources there.

Presenter: Matthew McCullough (Github) (51 min) - June 6, 2012

Cryptography made easy using Zend Framework 2

The component ZendCrypt of Zend Framework 2 makes the usage of cryptography easy, for instance to protect sensitive data. During this webinar we present the ZendCrypt features with some examples: how to store a password in a secure way, how to encrypt/decrypt data using symmetric algorithms, and how to apply digital sign using public key cryptography.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (50 min) - May 31, 2012
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COMMON presents - Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i

COMMON presents - Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i
COMMON presents - Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i

Why can PHP help modernize legacy apps on IBM i – and how? Mike Pavlak discusses the top 5 reasons and describes, how the different goals can be accomplished and what is needed to get there.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (58 min) - May 23, 2012
Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i  Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i Presentation slides  

Develop PHP mobile applications with Zend Framework

Develop PHP mobile applications with Zend Framework
Develop PHP mobile applications with Zend Framework

Zend Framework offers the Zend_Http_UserAgent component, that can be used to recognize mobile devices. Using this class you can easily build web applications for multiple mobile platforms. See how to use the Zend_Http_UserAgent in a simple web application built with Zend Framework 1.12.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (35 min) - May 15th, 2012
Views, Renderers, Resolvers, oh, my!  Presentation slides  
Please note, that for the first 1.5 minutes during the introduction, there's only sound, no image.

Standard Blog on standard PHP Stack - WordPress and Zend Server

In this session Jan Burkl demonstrates the Software Lifecycle of WordPress and Zend Server from development to production. See how WordPress can be deployed, bugs can be fixed and performance bottlenecks can be found and eliminated.

Presenter – Jan Burkl (61 min) - May 10, 2012
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Database Deployment with Zend Server and Liquibase

Learn how to integrate Liquibase in your Zend Server and start deploying or rolling back database changes in an easy way.

Presenter – Slavey Karadzhov (55 min) - May 09, 2012
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