2. Zend Framework 2 Patterns

Zend Framework 1 grew organically. An effort behind version 2.0 was to identify common themes and patterns, and to unify these in order to provide common low-level patterns to use everywhere.

This webinar will serve as an overview of these patterns, identifying them, and discussing the interfaces involved and the concrete use cases we plan to ship in ZF2.
Presenter – Matthew Weier O'Phinney  (66 min) March 30, 2011
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4. Introducing "PaaS in a Box". Scalable, Flexible, Portable PHP in the Cloud.

What if you could combine the flexibility of PaaS with the customizability of IaaS? And what if you could effortlessly switch between different cloud providers?

Join us for a demo of a new cloud solution from RightScale and Zend, which lets you
• Provision a pre-configured, high availability PHP environment in minutes
• Autoscale your application based on system and application load metrics
• Receive system, server and application-level monitoring, alerting and diagnostics
• Easily port your applications across cloud providers, such as Amazon and Rackspace.

Presenter – Uri Budnik and Claudio Gentile (RightScale), Kevin Schroeder (60 min) August 17 2011
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