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Upcoming Webinars

Working with ZF2's ZendForm
September 20, 2012: 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 5:00pm BST, 6:00pm CEDT

ZF2 introduces a completely rewritten Form component that can simplify form handling within your web application. Find out in this session how to use ZendForm to render your form, validate your data with input filters and ease the pain of forms on web pages. We will look at configuration of form elements, data input filters & validation, error handling and rendering in our view layer using view helpers.

Presenter: Rob Allen


Being a Good OSS Contributor: Building MongoDB Adapters for Zend Framework 2
October 04, 2012: 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 5:00pm BST, 6:00pm CEDT

Thanks to a shift to GitHub and relaxed licensing, contributing to Zend Framework has never been easier. 10gen recently spent some time developing MongoDB adapters for Zend Framework 2's Session and Log components. Using these as our frame of reference, we'll walk through the entire contribution process from test-driven development to pull request. Although the code we'll be covering is fairly specific, you can expect to pick up knowledge you can apply towards being a welcome contributor on any open-source project.

Presenter: Jeremy Mikola, 10gen


Introducing the Zend Framework 2 ModuleManager
October 11, 2012: 9:00am PDT, 12:00pm EDT, 5:00pm BST, 6:00pm CEDT

With Zend Framework 2 comes a new and powerful approach to modules. In this webinar, Evan Coury, author of the new ModuleManager component in ZF2, explains exactly how this new component works to enable the development of truly modular applications.

Presenter: Evan Coury


The MVC architecture of ZF2
October 30, 2012: 8:30 am PST, 11:30 am EST, 3:30 pm GMT, 4:30 pm CEST

The Model View Controller (MVC) is a well known architectural pattern that is used in many web applications and frameworks. In this webinar, we will present the MVC architecture of Zend Framework 2 (ZF2). We will show how to manage the HTTP request and how to handle the flow of a web application using events. Moreover we will introduce the new module architecture of ZF2 that can help PHP developers to improve the practices of software reuse.

Presenter: Enrico Zimuel


Internationalization in Zend Framework 2
November 27, 2012: 9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm GMT, 6:00pm CET

Building internationalized web applications is the key for global success. To achieve this goal with the least possible effort, Zend Framework 2 ships with a completely rewritten i18n layer, based on the well known Intl PHP extension. In this talk, you will get an in-depth view into the new translation process and the features of the Intl extension, which will enable you to write more portable internationalized code.

Presenter: Ben Scholzen, DASPRID's


Zend Framework 2 and IBM i
December 11, 2012: 9:00am PST, 12:00pm EST, 5:00pm GMT, 6:00pm CET

In this presentation Mike Pavlak and PHP Community Leader Alan Seiden will join forces to explore the most exciting revision to the hugely popular Zend Framework and how it relates to IBM i. Many aspects of Zend Framework 2 on IBM i are amazingly similar to other platforms while some things will still be a little different for IBM i. Join Mike and Alan as they discuss the implementation of ZF2 on IBM i, review a basic application written in ZF2 that talks to DB2 data and explore some of the differences in how this version of Zend Framework has evolved over the original. Ease of use and improved performance are only a couple of the many reasons to explore ZF2 for IBM i.

Presenters: Mike Pavlak & Alan Seiden


On-Demand Webinars

Cryptography made easy using Zend Framework 2

The component ZendCrypt of Zend Framework 2 makes the usage of cryptography easy, for instance to protect sensitive data. During this webinar we present the ZendCrypt features with some examples: how to store a password in a secure way, how to encrypt/decrypt data using symmetric algorithms, and how to apply digital sign using public key cryptography.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (50 min) - May 31, 2012
  Presentation slides  

Develop PHP mobile applications with Zend Framework

Zend Framework offers the Zend_Http_UserAgent component, that can be used to recognize mobile devices. Using this class you can easily build web applications for multiple mobile platforms. See how to use the Zend_Http_UserAgent in a simple web application built with Zend Framework 1.12.

Presenter – Enrico Zimuel (35 min) - May 15th, 2012
Views, Renderers, Resolvers, oh, my!  Presentation slides  
Please note, that for the first 1.5 minutes during the introduction, there's only sound, no image.

Views, Renderers, Resolvers, oh, my!

Learn about Zend Framework 2.0's new view layer, and how you can leverage it to switch output formats, utilized alternate rendering strategies, and more.

Presenter – Matthew Weier O'Phinney (53 min) - April 25th, 2012
Views, Renderers, Resolvers, oh, my!  Views, Renderers, Resolvers, oh, my! Presentation slides  

Introducing ZendDb 2.0

Using insights from Zend_Db 1.0 usage scenarios, the ZendDb component has been refactored in Zend Framework 2.0, with greater flexibility, extensibility and modularity in mind. In this webinar we have a look at the new Adapter system, ResultSet iteration, TableGateway and RowGateway integration, and ZendDbSql, a query abstraction tool. We also examine how PHP 5.3's feature-set has influenced the design of the ZendDb API.
Presenter – Ralph Schindler   (65 min) April 03, 2012
   Presentation slides  

Writing re-usable ZF2 Modules

Zend Framework 2.0 introduces a new modular system, designed to make re-use trivial. In this webinar, learn how and when to write modules, and techniques and strategies for making them re-usable between applications.
Presenter – Matthew Weier O'Phinney   (55 min) March 14, 2012