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ZendCon 2012

ZendCon recorded sessions

Thank You to all the Attendees, Sponsors, Exhibitors, and Speakers! Below you will find our compilation of the various sessions that made ZendCon the biggest PHP event of 2012. Explore the sessions you missed or learn more about topics that interest you the most at your own convenience. Enjoy and experience ZendCon again!

Session/Topic Speaker/s Links
A Shop Goes Shopping - Running Magento on Amazon Jan Burkl Slides    
A Tale Of Two Applications Chris Tankersley Slides    
API Security Rob Richards Slides    
Automating Deployment with Zend Server Slavey Karadzhov Slides    
Automating your PHP infrastructure with the Zend Server API Yonni Mendes Slides    
Behavioural Driven Development with Behat and Zend Framework 2 Ryan Weaver Slides    
Bottleneck Analysis Ilia Alshanetsky Slides    
Cranking Nginx up to 11 Helgi Thormar Torbjoernsson Slides    
Cryptography Made Easy with Zend Framework 2 Enrico Zimuel Slides    
DB2 and PHP: Best Practices on IBM i Alan Seiden Slides    
Design and Build Your API Lorna Mitchell Slides    
Design Patterns Bootcamp Matthew Weier O'Phinney, Enrico Zimuel, Ralph Schindler Slides    
Designing Beautiful Software Matthew Weier O`Phinney Slides Video  
Developing with Accessibility in Mind Using PHP Chris Gaulin, Jennison Asuncion Slides    
Do You Queue? An introduction to the Zend Server Job Queue Slavey Karadzhov Slides    
Domain-Driven Design Bradley Holt Slides Video  
Easily Integrate Zend Framework 2 and Other Libraries Using Composer Ryan Weaver Slides    
Entity Relationships in a Document Database Bradley Holt Slides Video  
Event and Signal Programming Elizabeth Marie Smith Slides    
Get To Speed with Zend Framework 2 in Zend Studio 10 Jacek Pospychala Slides    
Going In Deep with the Zend Server Performance Tools Jan Burkl, Eric Ritchie, Slavey Karadzhov Slides    
Going Mobile with ZF2 Mike Willbanks Slides Video  
Hands-On MongoDB Derick Rethans Slides    
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Redis Josh Butts Slides    
How Sysadmins View Your Stinking Code Shawn Stratton Slides    
How to Design Indexes, Really Bill Karwin Slides Video  
HTML5 APIs Christian Wenz Slides Video  
Internationalization in Zend Framework 2 Ben Scholzen Slides    
Introducing PHP 5.4 Ilia Alshanetsky Slides    
Introducing the new Zend Framework 2 Router Ben Scholzen Slides Video  
Introduction to Modules in Zend Framework 2.0 Evan Coury Slides Video  
JavaScripting for the PHP Developer in 2012 Jeff Carouth Slides    
Living with Legacy Sebastian Bergmann Slides    
Meet the Team Zend Team   Video  
Message Queues : A Primer Mike Willbanks Slides    
MySQL Server Tuning 101 Ligaya Turmelle Slides    
New PHP Toolkit from Zend and IBM Alan Seiden Slides    
Open Source Cloud Technologies Jimmy Guerrero, Adrian Otto, Peder Ulander    Video  
PHAR, the PHP .exe Format Helgi Thormar Thorbjoernsson Slides    
PHP Exstension Writing for the Evil Genius Will Henderson-Frost Slides    
PHP in the Cloud: Choice, Scale, Code, Simplify Simone Brunozzi Amazon Web Services    Video  
PHPUnit Best Practices Sebastian Bergmann Slides    
PHP - Beyond the Basics John Valance Slides    
Profiling PHP Applications Derick Rethans Slides    
Rapid PHP development for IBM i and other platforms with WebSmart Marcel Sarrasin Slides    
Read/Write Splitting for MySQL and PHP Bill Karwin Slides    
Replication With MySQL Ligaya Turmelle Slides    
Responsive Development Kevin Bruce Slides    
Silex: Creating Websites in Hours Instead of Days Stefan Koopmanschap Slides    
SPL in the Wild Elizabeth Marie Smith Slides    
Testing Wizardry: How Mocks and Fixtures Can Save Your Sanity Jeff Carouth Slides    
The Media Industry and Moving to PHP Raghu Bala, Source Interlink; Brent Pearson, UBM Technology   Video  
The PHP 5.4 Features You Will Actually Use Lorna Mitchell Slides    
Using Zend Server Performance Tools Eric Ritchie Slides    
Working with ZF2's ZendForm Rob Allen Slides Video  
Workshop QA for PHP Project Michelangelo van Dam Slides    
Writing Services with ZF2  Mike Willbanks Slides    
Your Inner Sysadmin Chris Tankersley Slides    
Zend Framework 2 - Practical Experience From the Trenches Matthew Weier O`Phinney, Shawn Stratton, Evan Coury, Mike Willbanks    Video  
Zend Framework 2 and Symfony2: The Perfect Team Stefan Koopmanschap, Enrico Zimuel Slides  
Zend Framework 2 in the Fast Lane Nicholas Calugar Slides  
Zend Server UI: A ZF2 Case Study Yonni Mendes Slides Video  
ZendCon Opening Keynote Andi Gutmans, CEO Zend Technologies   Video  
ZendDb 2.0 Ralph Schindler Slides Video