Companies have been adopting PHP as their platform of choice for their business critical web applications and cloud-based solutions. These companies implementing Zend Server based solutions to accelerate the development process and optimize, manage and scale production environments allowing their IT organizations to provide robust high availability runtime environment for their PHP applications.


Comprehensive and Flexible Methodology

Zend Deployment Solution presents a comprehensive structured methodology designed to maximize your PHP proficiency and efficiency of your PHP environment. The framework is flexible and is custom tailored to your particular application execution environment and business objectives.  Zend Deployment Solution helps maximize the return on your investment in PHP and Zend Server by making sure that your applications, infrastructure and team skills are tuned to address your specific business goals. This solution is a key complement to the Zend Server and ensures the optimal implementation and configuration of your PHP environment.


Engagement done Right!


   Throughout the stages of the engagement, Zend expert consultants ensure that and the Zend Server runtime environment is properly architected and optimized for your applications specific requirements. The consultants ensure that the development, DevOps and System administration staff acquire the knowledge needed to properly deploy and manage your applications.


Project Agenda

  1. Strategy & Goals –project kick off, key personnel alignment, understanding overall business and technical objectives, and planning for project commencement

  2. Discovery & Design – comprehensive application audit including  relevant processes & procedures, environment architecture, and technical considerations, followed by design  of deployment and implementation strategy.

  3. Deployment–installation/configuration of entire system and validation of implementation

  4. Mentoring – delivery of foundation training to enable technical staff to utilize Zend’s solutions along with hands-on coaching covering advanced concepts and best practices in project simulation exercises

  5. Optimization – analyzing an existing PHP application concerning performance issues or architectural robustness.

  6. Summary – bringing all the results to the point and giving a clear outlook for your improved PHP ecosystem.

  7. Monitoring & Assurance (Optional) – follow-on activities for ensuring improving and sustained adoption of Zend’s solutions, providing advanced mentoring to the development and administration teams.

Mentoring Approach

The Deployment Solution methodology combines formal class training as the foundation and hands on based approaches to enhance the learning experience and cover real usage scenarios. We put learning into practice by working side by side with your developers and administrators implementing the PHP and Zend Server knowledge acquired to achieve the optimal deployment of your application. At the same time this approach is highly effective in embedding PHP best practices and expertise in your IT organization.

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