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Become a Zend Training Partner

The Zend Training Partner program provides "a stamp of approval" for training centers which use Zend Courseware or whose PHP courses fulfill the curriculum criteria specified by the Zend PHP Education Advisory Board as compulsory for the Zend PHP Certification exam. Zend will assist these partners in gaining exposure for their PHP courses, as well as provide guidance in developing "complete packages" - coupling PHP Training with Certification.
Zend is committed to provide exposure for this initiative among its business partners and the vast PHP community, which it spearheads. Training Partners will be marketed as Zend's primary PHP training providers.

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Customer Quote

   I haven't done *any* online courses like this before, so I don't have much fodder for comparison, but I'm really enjoying the class so far. Compared to just buying a book, which is what I normally do, this is a far more engaging way to learn.   

David WolfeAAA Northern California

   Well done. The examples were to the point. Also, you helped us keep an eye on security and performance in php (something all too often overlooked).   

Troy Wright,Information Technology Services, University of California, Santa Cruz

   Thanks for making PHP look much easier then what it has.   

Dale Looft