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Application Modernization Solution

    Modernize your Legacy Applications

    From modernizing legacy applications and leveraging your existing business logic to creating new mobile and web-based applications, Zend's solutions for application modernization are designed to help you leverage the power of your existing back end platforms to develop, deploy and manage mobile and web applications. With Zend, you can better connect with your customers, vendors, partners and employees at a significantly lower cost and greater efficiency.

    Minimize the risk and cost of modernizing

    Applications running on legacy systems need to be updated to meet today’s requirements, and rewriting these applications from scratch represents significant risk. Zend's solution enables you to provide rich mobile and web-front end experiences to your users, while retaining the existing business logic on your legacy systems. Choosing to use PHP, the world’s most popular dynamic language, means you can leverage a huge range of existing PHP-based components and ready to go connectivity to Oracle, IBM and other databases. PHP applications lend themselves well to a web services approach, where the back-end of a new application integrates easily with your existing systems and business logic via simple APIs. This allows you to leverage your existing application code while providing the benefits of a new mobile and web based user experience to your end users.

    Your developers, with their expertise in the languages and systems you've already invested in, are some of your most valuable assets: they understand your business needs and know your applications' business logic. With Zend you can continue to leverage their skills; Zend provides Quick Start Training to quickly build an experienced programmer’s understanding of the PHP language. The Zend Smart Start services offering can also help a team jump start their first PHP-based mobile or web application project.

    Products: Zend Studio, Zend Server, PHP training

    Manage web-based applications

    When transitioning to a web-based paradigm, application owners often ask, "How can I manage mobile and web apps with the same rigor as my other systems? How do I identify trends that indicate potential problems, and ensure that my apps are meeting their service level agreements?" Zend Server provides monitoring capabilities that give you visibility into PHP applications so you can understand deployment issues, proactively identify potential problems, respond to bottlenecks, and most importantly automate root cause analysis when problems do occur in production. This eliminates the guess work of managing web and mobile applications and eliminates the time consuming process of searching through large log files to identify the cause of problems.

    Accelerate your application release cycle

    One of the advantages of developing applications with PHP and Zend is that you can develop modern web-based applications quickly. PHP's simplicity and integration with the most common databases, along with Zend Framework, training and support facilitate the process of building new applications rapidly. Zend's Solutions enable you to develop applications more iteratively, detect and resolve production issues more efficiently and deploy applications successfully, thereby reducing the time-to-market.

    Develop applications faster and more iteratively

    Zend Studio and Zend Server together provide a powerful visual environment where a developer can simultaneously create and associate the front end of a web or mobile application and the back-end web service APIs (RPC-style or RESTful services that run on Zend Server and link to existing legacy system business logic). This streamlines the process of creating, testing and deploying new web services based applications.

    Resolve production issues more efficiently

    Zend Server enables effortless problem resolution so you can focus more on building new features rather than attempting to debug applications running in production. No more time wasted attempting to reproduce production issues: you can see the code execution flow from the actual execution request, saved for future analysis. Together, Zend Server and Zend Studio provide advanced deployment and debugging capabilities for web services based apps.

    Deploy applications successfully

    Zend Server provides an automated application deployment mechanism that packages everything you need to successfully install your application: source code, metadata, and scripts for rapid and consistent deployment via wizard or API.. You can integrate this deployment approach with your Continuous Integration system and experience true operational agility.

    Improve success with expert analysis of your apps.

    Zend Application Audit Services give you the peace of mind of knowing your application has been thoroughly evaluated for best practices when it comes to performance, security, and architecture. Zend also offers consulting, certification, and PHP support.

    Products: Zend Studio, Zend Server


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