Faster Application Delivery with Better Quality?
Yes, it's possible.


A Continuous Delivery approach will enable your team to innovate more rapidly through faster, more iterative releases of your mobile and web applications.

Teams who implement this  approach release their applications up to 30x more frequently, achieve more than 20% increase in bringing new products and services to market,  and experience 50% fewer failures*.

The Zend Server platform is the fastest way to implement a Continuous Delivery approach. Zend Server, along with its patterns (plug-ins based on best practices) vastly simplifies the process of automating and integrating all of the steps required to bring your apps from code to production;  from source control, to Continuous Integration, to automating infrastructure provisioning and application releases.

We call this rapid and easier approach to achieve rapid innovation the Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery.

* CA/Forrester, Puppet Labs


Zend Blueprint For Continuous Delivery

Our blueprint approach helps simplify some tough challenges - like how to automate deploying a complete application stack from your Continuous Integration system into staging and production, how to integrate and automate the right types of testing, and how to underpin your application deployment with automatic provisioning of staging and production environments with every element needed for your application's successful release.

Working with key partners and technologies such as Puppet Labs, Chef, Jenkins, VMware and many others, our engineers have developed patterns (plug-ins to Zend Server) that take the hard work out of tieing your various processes together, and are based on DevOps best practices from the real life experience of Zend's Professional Services team.

Of course, you could try to integrate and tie all of these pieces together yourself, but why waste your team's time when we've already done it for you?

Plus, whether you choose to implement the blueprint yourself or seek our help, the Zend Server support team will be behind you each step of the way.

A lot of  employees take for granted how quickly we can push code from a BA (Business Acceptance) server stage into production and make critical bug fixes (since implementing Zend Server). The number of failures has gone down, I see a lot of two-week and monthly releases happen without incident. Overall, we are able to release with fewer risks.
We’ve found that Continuous Delivery and agile practices are 
intertwined, when you’re doing things manually, people tend to wait for the process to finish. With automation and Continuous Delivery, you can reverse that relationship so that the process is waiting for people.

Luis Colon, Director of Enteprise Architecture, CDS Global

Zend Server Patterns

Patterns are plug-ins to Zend Server, based on best practices, that can help you easily integrate and automate all of key steps required to achieve Continuous Delivery



Pattern for Infrastructure Automation with Chef

A Chef cookbook that enables automation of the installation, bootstrapping, and cluster management (including auto scaling) leveraging Chef with Zend Server.

Pattern for Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Automate packaging and deployment to from a Continuous Integration build system using Jenkins and Zend Server.

Pattern for Monitoring with Nagios

Enables real-time visibility into your application’s behavior in production and the state of the underlying infrastructure leveraging Zend Server and Nagios.

Pattern for Infrastructure Automation with VMware vCloud Automation Center

Automates the installation, bootstrapping, and cluster management processes leveraging VMware and Zend Server, designed for private, public, or hybrid clouds.

Pattern for Infrastructure Automation with Shell Scripts

This pattern provides a collection of shell scripts to simplify the automation of the installation, bootstrapping and cluster management of your application environment using Zend Server.

Zend Server SDKs

With these SDKs you can build your own integrations with Zend Server, enabling continuous delivery of your applications through Patterns you can build yourself.