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Support: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Using Support

Zend offers technical support to both evaluators and customers of Zend products through the Zend Support Online Ticketing system. Support varies for different products and customer support programs.

How to submit a support ticket:
  • During Evaluation period - Submit tickets to the Zend Support online Ticketing system via the following link: www.zend.com/support-center
  • Purchased products - Customers entitled to support (as part of the purchase) can request product support by submitting tickets via My Account.

Q: Ticket History

Once a ticket has been submitted, you can track the progress of the ticket by accessing your Ticket History (accessible also via My Account).

Q: Types of Support

Zend Enhanced Product Support:
Zend's comprehensive support package gives you online technical support and all product upgrades (tiny, minor and major) during the length of your subscription. A fundamental add-on to your product, Zend Enhanced Product Support ensures you access to the latest new feature releases and critical feature improvements. Zend Enhanced Support is provided via our online ticketing system.

Zend Evaluation Support:
To enable you to maximize the evaluation period of the product you have downloaded, the Zend Support online ticketing system available to answer any questions you may have about installation, set up, and use of our products.

Q: Response Time

Subscription customers can expect a first response to a support ticket within 24 hours of submission. On Friday, Saturday and Holidays, please allow up to 72 hours for a first response.

Q: Entitlement

Evaluation period:
All Zend products, under evaluation period, include Zend Evaluation Support (please see "Types of Support").

Purchased products:
All newly purchased Zend products include Support and Upgrades for one year from the purchase date.

Q: Product Upgrades

Products with support:
If are still within your support term, you are entitled to receive all tiny, minor and major upgrades for free. All upgrades will automatically be delivered to your My Account page.

Products without support:
You are entitled to small bug fixed updates ("tiny" updates) of the product but not the minor or major updates.

Q: Forums

If you are not entitled to any of the support options listed above, please try submitting questions to one of Zend's PHP forums.

Q: Does Zend Studio include Upgrades & Support?

Yes, Zend Studio includes one year of Upgrades & Support.
  • Product Upgrades - Zend releases several product upgrades a year with new features.
  • PHP Compatibility - Makes sure you stay current with PHP releases. This is especially relevant with the release of PHP 5.
  • Zend Helpdesk - Submit Support tickets to the Zend Technical Support Team and get top notch technical support 24/7.

Q: How do I get support for Zend Studio?

We recommend you visit the Zend forums if you have any questions. You can also open a support ticket in the Support Center page.

Q: Does Zend Platform include Upgrades & Support?

Zend Platform is sold as a subscription and includes all software Upgrades and expert Technical Support for the length of your subscription contract.