79 min | English September 4, 2013

This session describes a recently completed project in which an IBM iSeries shop replaced a legacy, green-screen RPG application with a PHP application running on Zend Server on IBM i. A utility company needed to replace and modernize their internal work order management system, and chose a web browser interface and PHP as the technology backbone. The system is largely object-oriented, using several components of the Zend Framework. Custom classes include extension of Zend Form which reads DB2 metadata to automatically build forms and field groups, with automatic type checking and input field sizing as well as other features derived from the DB2 metadata. Authentication uses IBM i user profiles. Other highlights of the design include classes for nav buttons, paginator, search filter, CSV download, DB connection singleton class, and reporting and form printing using JOD Reports running on a remote server called from PHP

Presenter – John Valance, JValance Consulting