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Zend Server Community Edition, the fast, free, and reliable PHP application stack has been replaced by Zend Server Developer Edition!

Zend Server is the #1 professional PHP stack. It is the most complete PHP distribution with a continuously updated set of advanced value-add features designed to optimize productivity, performance, scalability and reliability. You will love using the latest version of Zend Server becuase of its advanced features giving you better performance, fewer production issues, and faster recovery times. It is also includes the best debugging tool ... Z-Ray which is like X-Ray goggles into your code, effortlessly giving you deep insight into how the  code is running as you are developing it.

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The Complete and Reliable PHP Stack

Zend Server provides a complete, reliable and secure PHP stack, bundling over 80 of the most popular PHP extensions and libraries. Whether on Apache, nginx or IIS - Zend Server provides you with a consistent PHP environment across all major operating systems, for both development and production.

Zend Server allows you to easily manage your PHP configuration settings to fit the needs of your applications - whether on a single server or a large cluster.