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Quoi de neuf dans Zend Studio 8

Zend Studio, the IDE for professional PHP developers, keeps getting better. A steady stream of new features and performance improvements ensures the highest levels of reliability and productivity.

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JavaScript Editing Support

If you use JavaScript as the front-end of your PHP application, Zend Studio enables you to code faster and with fewer mistakes by providing built-in Content Assist support for a large set of JavaScript based libraries:
  • jQuery
  • Dojo
  • ExtJs
  • Prototype

Integrated PHP and JavaScript Debugging

Zend Studio allows you to debug both the JavaScript front-end and the PHP back-end in one combined session through a new set of integrated Ajax tools, making the debug process smooth and simple.

The application you are debugging is running in an embedded browser, which supports HTML 5. A new integrated Request Monitor profiles Web page execution, allowing you to easily find issues that slow your application down.

You can analyze your application’s web pages using various views for CSS, DOM source, DOM event view and JavaScript, including expression evaluation and a JSDoc view. You can also examine a DOM inspection view that provides a pre-defined hierarchical tree of HEAD and BODY elements, and events.

VMware Workstation Integration

Adding virtualization to your development processes is now simpler than ever using Zend Studio. You can use a VMware Workstation virtual machine as the server on which your PHP applications will be deployed and debugged -- right from your Zend Studio interface.

With this capability, you can deploy your PHP code onto a local virtual system that closely mirrors production, with much less expense and effort (and much faster!) than using a remote physical server. And using a standard virtual server image for deployment across the development organization leads to more consistent and error-free coding.

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Remote Server Support

Developing PHP code that's run on a remote server is now easier than ever: Zend Studio features completely revamped support for developing remote PHP applications, with a simpler workflow and improved performance. You can use SSH or FTP connections to import projects into Zend Studio, and then export them back to the remote server to be run or debugged.

Source Code Editing and Navigation Enhancements

Zend Studio, based on the Eclipse Helios release, provides various enhancements to help you code, debug and navigate your PHP code more efficiently:

  • “Inspect” action in debug time enables you to see evaluated expressions when reaching a breakpoint.
  • New templated 'Content Assist‘ - applying Content Assist proposals  creates a templated expression that provides argument completion according to the declaration of the method.
  • New advanced editor syntax coloring scheme conforming to Eclipse standards and new advanced syntax coloring rules are available.
  • New 'show inherited members' in quick outline view lists all methods inherited by super types.
  • New decorated hover information box is now provided in the Hover Information tool-tip for methods, types and other elements.
  • Drag and Drop in PHP/JavaScript editors enables you to select a block of code and move it across lines.
  • A new PHP search dialog offers sophisticated search options such as Type and Scope.


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Zend Studio 10 - Des fonctionnalités impressionantes pour développer en PHP

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Témoignages des clients

   Ma première impression sur Studio 10 est bonne ! Eclipse paraît plus stable, moins gourmand en CPU et avec un meilleur temps de réponse. Et pouvoir développer des applications mobiles avec le même IDE que pour le back-end est super !    

Thijs Lensselink PHP Developer

   Zend Studio 10 est totalement intégré avec Git, PHPUnit et Zend Framework 2, ce qui en fait le meilleur outil par rapport à mes méthodes de développement. Son intégration transparente avec ZF2 en font un atout précieux.    

Ore Landau PHP Developer, SangtamTech

   J'apprécie chaque minute de travail avec Zend Studio 10. Zend Studio 9 était vraiment bien mais cette version 10 est quasiment un assistant télépathe, rapide et aiguisé -- je suis conquis. Continuez à faire de ce logiciel un outil aussi précieux !   

Daniil Kalnin Senior Web Developer

   Je suis vraiment enthousiasmé par la simplicité avec laquelle on peut créer un projet ZF2 et des modules. Pour les templates, j'ai juste à éditer sans avoir à les écrire de bout en bout.    

Jimmy SolePHP Developer