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iBuildings.nl depends exclusively on Zend Certified Engineers


PHP celebrated its tenth anniversary this year and looks back, not only on a successful rise to being the most frequently used scripting language on the Internet, but also looks ahead to a very bright future. Over 22 million domains worldwide currently run PHP, emphasizes its ever increasing role in business-critical Web applications. Now recognized as a powerful and popular development language, a growing number of companies and software providers seek teams of highly qualified and experienced PHP developers. Zend PHP Certification greatly cuts down the recruitment process.

To make it easier for these companies to find and select PHP professionals, Zend Technologies launched a PHP Certification Program in Fall 2004. Since then, more than 2500 developers have obtained the title "Zend Certified Engineer" (ZCE), including 12 of the 14 PHP developers working for Ibuildings, a Dutch provider of content management systems, that depends exclusively on certified PHP developers to set itself apart from the competition.

PHP Certification as a Strategic Competitive Advantage

Ibuildings is a provider of content management systems (CMS), back-office integration, and Web applications and is based in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Ibuilding's customers are primarily in the tourism, healthcare, IT and telecommunications industries and in public administration. Software development in PHP is one of Ibuilding's key areas of expertise. Qualified employees with PHP expertise are extremely important. They are the company's greatest asset. That is why Ibuilding's insists on Zend PHP Certification for all its PHP developers.

Developers at Ibuildings have to meet very strict standards. As the company's preferred development platform, PHP is used to create complex products and application frameworks. For this purpose, Ibuildings has created a series of tools and libraries based on PHP. The ATK application framework was even released as open source software (http://www.achievo.org/atk).

When hiring new employees Ibuildings management does not just examine PHP knowledge, but also expects from its developers, a solid understanding of abstract concepts like object orientation and design patterns.

During the recruiting process, Zend PHP Certification is the best tool for identifying PHP experts.

Ibuilding's views Zend PHP Certification as an important step toward positioning PHP as a serious development platform. "Since PHP is also gaining a growing foothold in companies, it's becoming increasingly important to measure the quality of PHP developers," says Ivo Jansch. "Because there aren't a whole lot of Certified Engineers out there yet, it isn't a KO criterion for us. But we would definitely give preference to a certified developer."

“We see a strategic advantage for our company in having all of our developers PHP certified. It helps set us apart from the competition and serves as proof of our commitment to high quality development.”

Ivo Jansch Software Architect at iBuildings.nl

More than 2500 Zend Certified Engineers to Date

In order to meet the strong demand for qualified PHP developers, Zend brought together a group of recognized PHP experts in collaboration with the PHP Education Advisory Board in Fall 2004 to establish the Certification Program. The PHP Education Advisory Board includes distinguished PHP experts like Marcus Boeger, John Coggeshall, Andi Gutmans, and Zeev Suraski. Zend conducts the Certification Program in collaboration with the publisher Pearson VUE. Several training partners help candidates prepare for the exam. PHP Certification exams can be taken at more than 3,500 testing centers within the Pearson network. Once they have passed the exams, Zend certified PHP developers are listed in the Zend Yellow Pages for Zend Certified Engineers and receive discounts on Zend products and PHP conferences. In addition, they receive previews of new Zend products before release. More than 2500 programmers have successfully completed the exam since the start of the program at the end of 2004. Learn more about the Zend PHP Certification

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