Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery

Zend has created a blueprint to simplify and accelerate the adoption of Continuous Delivery best practices within your team.

Getting to Continuous Delivery:

6 Steps That Will Increase DevOps Velocity and Produce More Stable Code



Webinar: Maturing your Agile Process with a Continuous Delivery Pipeline 

Implementing Agile practices with Scrum or XP is difficult enough: imagine if you wanted to automate your software builds, run different kinds of tests, and automatically deploy code for business acceptance. This webinar covers how a development group engineered a Continuous Delivery process from scratch.



The New Disruptive Business Normal: How to Innovate From the Inside-Out

Zend’s CEO, Andi Gutmans talks about what it takes to win in today’s disruptive market.

How to calculate the ROI of Continuous Delivery

Practical advice (and a workbook) to help justify an investment in a Continuous Delivery practice


Zend Server as Platform for Continuous Delivery

Learn how Zend Server can help you and your team implement best practices and integrate your Continuous Delivery processes.


Fundamentals of Continuous Integration with Jenkins and Zend Server

One of the fundamental requirements for establishing Continuous Delivery is the implementation of an automated Continuous Integration system that automatically and consistently builds the application from code components and resources to a deployable package. This paper will outline how.

Continuous Delivery on Zend’s Blog

See the latest thinking on PHP and Continuous Delivery from thought leaders inside and outside Zend

From Manual to automated app deployment and testing

See how Novadex saved time by avoiding manual app deployments and implemented a more effective solution to automate their application releases.


Application Leadership Today

DevOps: Agile Delivery for Competitive Edge


MonkiGras 2014 – Zend’s Elaine Lennox speaks about the Need for Speed and the DevOps Revolution

Introduction to Continuous Delivery with Zend Server 

Continuous Delivery Panel at ZendCon 2013