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How to Leverage IBM i Resources in Your PHP Development

When choosing a language to develop web applications on your IBM i, one of the most important factors to look at is the integration with DB2 and other IBM i resources. Join Zend’s Mike Pavlak in this webinar where he will discuss how PHP, the world’s most popular web scripting language, accesses information from DB2, RPG and COBOL programs, data areas and more. He’ll also explain why PHP is a great choice for RPG programmers to develop new web applications.
In the second half of this presentation, Marcel Sarrasin, a product manager at BCD, will show you how IBM i programmers can drastically reduce the PHP development cycle by using WebSmart. You'll see a live demo of the WebSmart PHP templates that help you rapidly develop new desktop and mobile PHP applications.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies & Marcel Sarrasin, BCD (58 min) - January 22, 2014
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Rapid modernization of IBM i applications with low risk, high agility

Organizations that have invested in i5/OS systems are always looking to leverage them to better connect with clients, partners and employees. But success means meeting several requirements: from "Keep our legacy application but use a modern front end” and “Modernize our 5250 interfaces" to "Set development standards, educate our RPG developers in the new technology, and provide strategic direction”. Creating web-based applications using DB2/400 and green screen applications is one of the best and quickest ways to do this. In this webinar recording, you'll see why Tim Rowe of IBM called Zend's PHP support "one of the most exciting parts of the TR6 announcement": you'll get a deep dive into the most effective (and quickest) way of modernizing legacy applications while leveraging your existing business logic to create

Presenter – Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies (56 min) - November 26, 2013

Case Study: PHP on IBMi – Work Order Management System

This session will describe a recently completed project in which an IBM iSeries shop replaced a legacy, green-screen RPG application with a PHP application running on Zend Server on IBM i. A utility company needed to replace and modernize their internal work order management system, and chose a web browser interface and PHP as the technology backbone. The system is largely object-oriented, using several components of the Zend Framework. Custom classes include extension of Zend Form which reads DB2 metadata to automatically build forms and field groups, with automatic type checking and input field sizing as well as other features derived from the DB2 metadata. Authentication uses IBM i user profiles. Other highlights of the design include classes for nav buttons, paginator, search filter, CSV download, DB connection singleton class, and reporting and form printing using JOD Reports running on a remote server called from PHP

Presenter – John Valance, JValance Consulting (79 min) - September 4, 2013
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What's New with Zend Server for IBM i

This webcast focuses on the latest version of the PHP stack for IBM i, Zend Server 6 and Zend Studio 10. We review the IBM/Zend partnership, examine the installation and architecture of the new product suite and explore the features of the commercial and community editions of Zend Server for IBM i. This is the ideal place to start when exploring PHP on IBM i or just to catch up on the latest feature set.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (58 min) - June 5, 2013
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Why PHP on IBM i?

IBM and Zend have partnered since 2005 to deliver the world’s most popular web scripting language natively to IBM i. In this session IBM speaker Tony Cairns is here to update the PHP on IBM i community on the latest collaboration efforts, application development strategies and powerful new features of XML Service. Split between strategic and technical, this webinar is a can’t miss for any PHP developer delivering applications on IBM i.

Presenter – Tony Cairns, IBM (47 min) - May 16, 2013
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DB2 and PHP - Best Practices on IBM i

As IBM i's primary database, DB2 provides the foundation for mission-critical PHP applications. Used properly, DB2 can provide improved performance, data integrity, remote connectivity, and security. This sessions shows many tips and techniques for developing and configuring DB2-based PHP applications on IBM i.

Presenter – Alan Seiden (52 min) - April 17, 2013
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The PHP Toolkit from Zend and IBM

PHP applications on IBM i have a great way to access resources such as RPG and COBOL programs, system commands, data areas, and more, using a free, flexible, open source toolkit, supported by Zend. Using IBM's XMLSERVICE toolkit on the back end, it's all open source, enabling a high level of quality and functionality delivered by Zend, IBM, and IBM i community members who take the initiative. In this webinar you learn, how your older PHP applications can use the new toolkit with minimal changes, thanks to the Compatibility Wrapper (CW), developed for Zend by Alan Seiden. You'll also see, how to optimize performance, develop PHP on your laptop (Windows, Linux) or in the "cloud" and deploy to the IBM i. Last but not least you'll receive suggestions for security, troubleshooting as well as tips and tricks to work with your IBM i in new ways.

Presenter – Alan Seiden (49 min) - March 6, 2013
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A Tale Of Two Applications

At one point in time, Chris Tankersley was the technical lead on two different projects. One was an application his company was purchasing from a vendor that was being written in Java (and had previously been written in .NET by another vendor, who then switched to Java, and then abandoned the project), and one was being built in-house with PHP on the IBM i. They were the same product for two different product lines that they offered, but time constraints forced them to build two products in tandem. In the end, the PHP application was completed and delivered to end-users in about 7 months from start to finish, while the former project languished. In this webinar, we compare the two projects in the tools and technologies that were used to integrate with the IBM i backend as well as programming.

Presenter – Chris Tankersley (32 min) - February 13, 2013
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Restful Web Services with PHP and IBM i

Have you ever wanted to share data across systems? In this presentation, Mike Pavlak explores the transfer of information using web services and IBM i. Intersystem as well as intra system communication of data are explored as well as the ease in which a web services layer can be implemented into an existing IBM i environment. The techniques that are shared can be leveraged across platforms, as well as in a single LPAR.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (56 min) - January 16, 2013
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Reface IBM i Green Screens or Rewrite Them with PHP - Which Should You Choose?

Green screens are the key reason why many people perceive the IBM i as outdated. It's not a question of whether you should provide most of your IBM i applications with a web GUI, but how you should do it.
In this webinar, Marcel Sarrasin, BCD’s product marketing manager, presents two complementary approaches designed to meet your short and long term modernization needs. You’ll learn:
  • The pros and cons of web enabling RPG applications vs. rewriting them with PHP
  • How to deliver web applications that utilize your existing RPG skills and code
  • How to give all your green screen applications a web GUI with minimal effort
  • How to develop fully-functioning PHP web applications in minutes
In the last part of this presentation, Alan Seiden, PHP Community Leader, shows you how to leverage existing RPG and COBOL code using the new open source PHP toolkit for IBM i. He also explains the requirements to run PHP on the IBM i.

Presenters – Marcel Sarrasin & Alan Seiden (59 min) - December 04, 2012
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Resolve PHP Problems Quickly and Optimize Performance with Zend Server for IBM i

In today’s business climate you have a choice as to when you become aware of an issue: when it happens or when the boss is breathing down your neck. Either scenario is possible with PHP on IBM i but only Zend Server has the tools to proactively manage your PHP environment and keep you ahead of the troubleshooting curve.
In this presentation, Zend Solution Consultant Mike Pavlak discusses:
  • The PHP environment architecture
  • How Zend Server for IBM i optimizes performance and helps resolve problems faster
  • The differences between Zend Server CE and the full edition
  • How Zend Server simplifies management of your business-critical workloads
At the end of this presentation Marcel Sarrasin, BCD's Product Manager, will show you why WebSmart PHP with Zend Server is the fastest way for IBM i programmers to develop PHP web applications on the IBM i or other platforms.

Presenters – Mike Pavlak & Marcel Sarrasin (58 min) - October 30, 2012

Spreadsheet Integration with PHP, DB2 and IBM i

In this presentation Mike Pavlak explores several ways to integrate spreadsheet processing and PHP scripts to deliver a variety of solutions that end users will leverage on a daily basis. Simple PHP instruction through the extensions are reviewed.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (45 min) - October 10, 2012
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PHP as Universal Communication Language in Business and Production Processes

In this webinar, Dr. Rainer Schmitz, head of IT at Group Material Technology of Aalberts Industries, shows how PHP is used in the business and production processes. From real-time recording of process parameters on production machines to reporting of financial figures, all programming can be done in one universal language on different platforms such as Windows and Linux servers or IBM i systems. Watch this presentation to see how fast PHP processes can be and how simple systems can be connected.

Presenter – Dr. Rainer Schmitz, GroupMT (59 min) - September 19, 2012
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Web-enable Your IBM i Applications

iPro Developer: Web-enable Your IBM i Applications

Watch this webinar, to learn how IBM i customers use PHP to create best-in-class web applications, how PHP fits into the IBM i application development strategy, how to leverage investment in IBM i in a browser-based environment and much more.

Presenter – Alison Butterill, IBM & Mike Pavlak, Zend (62 min) - August 22, 2012
Web-enable Your IBM i Applications  Web-enable Your IBM i Applications Presentation slides  

Introduction to MySQL for IBM i

Introduction to MySQL for IBM i

Zend DBi is the standard distribution of MySQL for IBM i. This session explores how to install Zend DBi and the IBM DB2 Storage Engine. MySQL command line functions via PASE are reviewed as well as administering MySQL via the GUI shipped with Zend Server called phpMyAdmin. History and practical examples round out the presentation with a live demonstration of the DB2 Storage Engine.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (58 min) - August 16, 2012
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Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i webinar

Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i
Open Source Productivity Tools and IBM i

Mike Pavlak explores even more Open Source tools to help improve the productivity of your development team and user community, such as the project management system Collabtive, and digs into the use cases as well as installation using common open source utilities like 7-zip and FileZilla.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (55 min) - July 18, 2012
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Bonnes pratiques PHP et DB2 - Seconde partie – MacaronDB

Bonnes pratiques PHP et DB2 - Seconde partie – MacaronDB
Bonnes pratiques PHP et DB2 - Seconde partie – Macaron DB

Durant ce webinar, Grégory vous explique comment développer en quelques minutes – en s’appuyant sur MacaronDB, bibliothèque qu'il a lui-même développée, et quelques composants open source complémentaires – un module complet de gestion d’une table SQL (avec options de recherche, création, consultation, modification et suppression).

Présentateur – Grégory Jarrige - Six-Axe consultants (50 min) - 25 mai 2012
Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II  Bonnes pratiques PHP et DB2 - Seconde partie – MacaronDB Slides de présentation  

Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II

Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II
Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II

In the first Stored Procedures webinar, Mike Pavlak explored SQL Stored Procedures and how they get implemented and consumed by PHP running on IBM i. In this follow-up session, Mike explores the creation and usage of RPG programs as stored procedures and how they get implemented in a PHP application running on or off IBM i.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (38 min) - April 12, 2012
Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II  Stored Procedures with PHP and IBM i - Part II Presentation slides  

Zend Server for IBM i 5.6 Update

Zend and IBM have been VERY busy plugging all kinds of goodies into Zend Server for IBM i. In this webcast, Mike Pavlak takes you on a tour of the new features of Zend Server 5.6. He will explore the new Open Source Toolkit, the new MySQL implementation called Zend DBi and the newest star of the Zend Server realm: Application Deployment.
Presenter – Mike Pavlak - (60 min) January 26, 2012
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IBM i Stored Procedures for PHP and Zend Server

Stored procedures have been around for a long time. In this webinar we explore many examples of accessing Stored Procedures from PHP applications running on IBM i. Parameter passing and record set access will be explored from SQL and RPG stored procedures, and much more.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (55 min) December 14, 2011
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How Do I Securely Deploy Internet Websites in PHP on My IBM i?

How do I securely deploy Internet websites in PHP on IBMi?

This session discusses how to set up and administer the networking, Apache Configurations, work management and IBM i security in order to support a PHP environment on IBM i.

Presenters – Jim Oberholtzer, CTA at Agile Technology Architects, LLC & Mike Pavlak, Zend Technologies (60 min) - October 05, 2011
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Collaborative Open Source PHP on IBM i

Open Source applications are a great way to get a jump start on the project backlog and really leverage on organizations investment in IBM i.  In this presentation, Mike Pavlak explores even more opportunities to consolidate workload onto IBM I and Mike will show how to leverage that investment with a look at two collaborative applications from the open source PHP world.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (45 min) September 13 2011
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A Tale of Two Toolkits.

Have you heard of the exciting new open source XML Toolkit currently being developed in collaboration between IBM and Zend? Are you curious about how it works and what you need to get started? Are you aware that it is available in Zend Server 5.1 as a beta and soon to be released as GA? Well rest assured, Mike Pavlak will fill you in on the details and a little bit more.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak (59 min) August 29 2011
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PHP sur IBM i : des exemples concrets !

Découvrez la valeur apportée par PHP aux systèmes i

Expert du monde IBM i depuis des années et utilisateur averti de PHP, Dominique Gayte, gérant de la société NoToS, vous présentera des exemples concrets sur la valorisation des spools, l’intégration de la bureautique, la modernisation des applications traditionnelles, l’ouverture vers les standards du marché…

L’intégration de PHP dans l’AS/400 est complète. PHP peut accéder directement à la base de données, lancer des programmes et recevoir les paramètres retournés, exécuter des commandes, extraire des informations (commandes RTVxxx) et agir nativement sur les objets (Data Area, Data Queue, User Space…). PHP peut donc s’interfacer totalement avec votre existant (base de données et applications).

Il préserve vos investissements et vous permet de disposer à la fois de la fiabilité légendaire des systèmes i, et d’une interface graphique éprouvée au travers des navigateurs. Une énorme bibliothèque de scripts est disponible vous permettant d’accélérer les développements et de disposer de fonctionnalités variées.

Zend Server, l'environnement PHP pour les systèmes i, est un produit qui permet de :
  • Moderniser des applications existantes (Web 2.0)
  • Développer de nouvelles applications s’appuyant sur les ressources AS/400
  • Migrer des applications PHP existantes et prévues pour d’autres environnements
  • Prendre des décisions stratégiques de modernisation sur le long terme grâce à une solution pérenne
Présentateurs – Christian Durel, DG Zend France & Dominique Gayte, DG Notos  (65 min) - 16 juin 2011
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The Ideal Development Environment for IBM i Programmers

The development environment for PHP begins with Zend Studio. But then where do we go? In this presentation, Mike Pavlak will explore several of the key productivity features of Zend Studio for IBM i. In addition, a discussion of plug-ins and add-ons will round out the experience. Remote project creation and code portability will also be reviewed.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak, Michael Scarpato    (50 min) July 17 2011
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Introduction to OOP for IBM i Programmers

This presentation builds upon basic skills and begins to explore the very powerful Object Oriented model of the PHP. Fundamental Object Oriented concepts will be discussed along with practical examples. The session wraps with an real life implementation of an open source class taken from a public forum and loaded on IBM i. This is a great session to allay any fears about how to implement the optional OO model of PHP in an IBM i shop!

This session is a great primer for anyone looking to explore Zend Framework and has little to no Object Oriented experience.
Presenter – Mike Pavlak   (65 min) June 3, 2011
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The First 5 Steps to Get Started with PHP on IBM i (IBM i Webinar Series Part 2)

This webinar is part 2 in a series of webinars about PHP and IBM i. In this presentation, Mike Pavlak will focus on the five steps you need to build your first PHP application on IBM i.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak  (62 min) March 29, 2011

Your First Zend Framework Project on IBM i

Zend Framework (ZF) provides a free, powerful structure for PHP Applications on IBM i. Developers love ZF's flexibility, but that flexibilty sometimes leaves first-time ZF users not knowing where to begin. Fortunately, it's not difficult after you've seen how it's done. This presentation will go step by step through creating a basic PHP application with ZF.

This webinar will include:
* How to download ZF or find it on IBM i
* How to automatically generate ZF's directory structure
* How to configure the application to access db2 and display database results.
Presenter – Mike Pavlak and Alan Seiden   (60 min) March 23, 2011
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Top 5 Reasons To Use PHP On IBM i

This is the first in a series of webinars that answers the question “Why PHP on IBM i”. The webinar will focus on why and how PHP can help modernize your legacy app on IBM i.
Presenter –  Mike Pavlak (62 min) Feb 28 2011
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IBM i Modernization Using PHP

Join Zend Solution Consultant Mike Pavlak and his very special guest Alison Butterill, IBM’s Power Systems Application Development Offering Mgr, for this strategic update. Mike and Alison will introduce some of the key features of Zend Server and share a behind-the-scenes discussion of how the new Fast CGI PHP architecture was implemented.

Mike and Alison will also share what several customers are doing with PHP on their IBM i and show how virtually any IBM i shop can start building PHP examples in as little as 1 hour!

Presenters - Mike Pavlak ( 62 min)

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Zend Server for IBM i en action (en français)

Forts de 4 années de collaboration et de plusieurs centaines de clients conquis, Zend et IBM ont totalement redéveloppé le serveur d’applications PHP pour IBM i avec la nouvelle version « Zend Server for i » pour la rendre plus complète et performante, plus simple à installer, le tout dans un seul produit.

Zend Core et Zend Platform disparaissent donc au profit de « Zend Server for i » qui met l’offre de Zend sur la plate forme Power i au même niveau que celle qui a fait son succès sur la plate-forme LAMP. Aujourd’hui les utilisateurs IBM i bénéficient des mêmes fonctionnalités et services qu’un utilisateur Linux ou Windows en conservant tous les avantages de leur plateforme.

Venez découvrir cette nouvelle offre, son nouveau packaging, les niveaux de support, la nouvelle tarification, le mode de migration et toutes les nouvelles fonctionnalités telles que le code tracing, l'accélération de code, les Job Queues et le cache total de page. Installez « Zend Server for i » en quelques clics et donnez toute la puissance du web à vos applications IBM i cœur de métier en toute sécurité.

Présentateurs : Christian Durel, Directeur général Zend France
Eric Saglier : Directeur technique Six-Axe

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Bring your Intranet to the IBM i with Drupal and Zend Server

Come see how easy it is to add an Intranet to your IBM i. No need for additional hardware or expensive software. Drupal is the hottest PHP open source content management system on the planet.
This session will walk you through the steps necessary to download, install and configure a basic Drupal site.

Presenter - Mike Pavlak (63 min)

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Improving Application Performance - Submitting PHP scripts to Batch using Zend Server 5 for IBM i

Have you ever wanted to spawn a process to the “background” to save interactive user cycles in a 5250 application? What about in a PHP application? Few people are aware that there are multiple ways of achieving this in a PHP application on IBM i.

This session will discuss how to spawn and run batch PHP processes on IBM i to optimize the interactive user experience. Learn how to leverage the multi-user capabilities of the IBM i and Zend Server infrastructure to help improve overall application performance.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak
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Harnessing the Power of Zend Server 5 for IBM i

This webinar will help you harness the power of the new Zend Server 5 for IBM i! Whether you are just getting started with PHP or are very experienced working with PHP on IBM i, this presentation will present tips and tools for deploying a complete PHP stack in minutes; pin-pointing, diagnosing and resolving application problems quickly; and achieving significant performance gains for your PHP applications.

Features to be demonstrated include code tracing, code acceleration, Job Queue and full-page caching that is ideal for content management applications. Zend Server installation requirements and common issues with application migration will be addressed.

Presenter – Mike Pavlak
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Zend Studio, Zend Server and i

This webinar will focus on the many key features used to develop applications using Zend Studio and IBM i. We will also explore the integration features of Zend Server and how that adds to overall developer productivity. If you are new to Zend Studio or a seasoned veteran you will find something of benefit from this presentation. Topics will include code development, file access, debugging and much more!
Presenter –  Mike Pavlak
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Zend Server for IBM i in Action

This presentation explores the power of the latest release of Zend Solutions for IBM i. Starting with the community edition of Zend Server for IBM i then reviewing the features of the full product you will see a demonstration of many of the key features of this new solution for IBM i.

Features to be discussed and demonstrated include code tracing, code acceleration, Job Queue and full page caching that is ideal for content management applications.
Presenter –  Mike Pavlak
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Introducing Zend Server for IBM i

Whether you have been working with PHP since it has been offered on IBM i, or are just getting started this presentation will familiarize you with the biggest advancement to the Zend Stack for IBM i.

Come learn about Zend Server for IBM i products, installation options and improvements that will increase end user and developer productivity for an even better PHP experience on IBM i.

During this webinar you will learn how to deploy a complete PHP stack in minutes, pin-point, diagnose and resolve application problems quickly, and achieve significant performance gains for your PHP applications. Plus the new single Apache server and Fast CGI architecture introduce immediate performance benefits coupled with simpler administration.
Presenter – Mike Pavlak
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Open Source PHP on IBM i

Join us as we look at implementing an open source PHP application on IBM i. We will first explore the installation process of a PHP based application. Then, with the help of the PHP toolkit, we will hack the application and expose DB2 data side-by-side with data from the open source application.

To optimize the PHP application we will look at how Zend Platform can improve the end user experience through its monitoring and tuning capabilities. Lastly, a special guest speaker will join us to talk about his recent experience implementing a PHP open source application on public facing IBM i.

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PHP and AJAX on IBM i, a Great Pairing!

PHP is a great development tool on its own but by incorporating AJAX you can make your applications faster, easier to maintain and even more professional looking.

PHP and AJAX together offer simple ways to make your PHP scripts simpler and even more re-usable. AJAX is not a language. There is no software that you need to install to start using it. AJAX is a acronym that refers to the use of technologies inherent in all browsers. So if you are looking to deliver the best possible web applications to your clients then AJAX is the next tool you need to add to your toolbox.

Presenters – Mike Pavlak and Jeff Olen

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Using PHP and System i to Improve Vendor Productivity

Communicating with your suppliers can be easier, and best of all it can save you time and money. Join NSC, Inc. along with Zend Technologies to learn this exciting new way of improving productivity. Including keynote speakers Tim Nies and Eric Nies who have years of experience in software development and PHP, to show you how to improve your vendor productivity today. This webinar is also comprised of a compelling real-life account from a manufacturing company demonstrating how this process has changed the way they communicate with their suppliers.
Presented by  Tim Nies and Eric Nies, NSC Inc..

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