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Simplified PHP Application Development for the Cloud with Zend and OpenShift

If you are a developer interested in learning how to reduce the time it takes to develop, tune, deploy and scale your PHP apps, this webinar is for you. Topics covered include:

  • A code walk-through of a PHP app built with a MongoDB backend that makes use of Twilio APIs
  • Application deployment to OpenShift using Zend Studio
  • Zend Studio refactoring, code assist and semantic analysis
  • Zend Server code optimization, data caching and debugging

Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Grant Shipley, OpenShift - (56 min) October 17, 2012

PHP for the Private Cloud: Zend on IBM PureApplication System

In an IT world becoming ever more complex, IBM’s PureApplication System offers a powerful and flexible yet simple integrated solution for the heart of the datacenter. And PHP’s power, flexibility, and simplicity make it a perfect match for this private cloud solution. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how Zend Server running on an IBM PureApplication System lets you dynamically provision the PHP resources you need to run today’s rapidly iterating, rapidly changing business critical applications.
Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Dave Mitchell, IBM - (58 min) September 26, 2012

Upgrading production systems - the Cloud makes it easy!

With the evolution of the cloud, new operational best practices have emerged that can change your approach to application updates. And with RightScale and Zend Technologies, you can easily clone a production environment, test upgrade processes, and roll new solutions live without impacting production servers. Why hope for success when you can guarantee it? Join this webinar to learn how.
Presenters – Kent Mitchell, Zend Technologies & Ryan Geyer, RightScale - (47 min) August 22, 2012
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Project Development in the Cloud - Do We Still Need Internal Servers?

Is the cloud able to provide everything a developer needs? This webinar highlights different aspects of modern development environments and glance into what the future might hold.
Presenter – Jan Burkl - (56 min) April 04, 2012
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Dev & Prod - PHP Applications in the Cloud

Beyond the hype, cloud computing presents a real opportunity to build and deploy apps quickly and at low cost. If you're considering testing or deploying your PHP applications on the cloud, this session is an ideal introduction. Learn how to develop and test on phpcloud.com with a Zend Framework application and its Zend_Cloud component, and how to deploy on a dynamically scalable cluster afterwards.
Presenter – Jan Burkl - (65 min) February 16, 2012
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A shop goes shopping - running Magento on Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 provides an ideal load-tolerant architecture for Magento-based stores, as the flexibility of the Cloud allows shop operators to seamlessly respond to sudden changes in store traffic. Learn in this webinar, how Magento can be simply and effectively run in the Cloud, using Zend Server and Zend Server Cluster Manager as the deployment environment.
Presenter – Jan Burkl - (56 min) January 12, 2012
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Development in the 24th and a Half Century

In this webinar we examine the galaxy’s latest, greatest developer solution; the Zend Developer Cloud, part of Zend’s phpcloud.com technology preview.
Presenter – Kevin Schroeder - (60 min) December 1, 2011
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NBS System et Zend - Découvrez la scalabilité sans limite pour vos applications PHP grâce au Zend Cloud

Après de nombreuses collaborations fructueuses avec Zend, NBS System a mis en place une nouvelle offre d’hébergement qui tire parti de l’infrastructure de Cloud privé NBS System & des outils Zend Server pour offrirune évolutivité sans limite, et un très haut niveau de service pour les applications PHP, en particulier dans le domaine du e-commerce (Magento, Prestashop, Drupal, etc.)

Cette plateforme innovante combine le meilleur du savoir-faire des deux sociétés et bénéficie du leadership de Zend en matière de gestion d’applications PHP critiques dans le Cloud.

Nous vous proposons de voir comment celle-ci peut vous aider à mettre vos applications critiques dans le Cloud en toute sécurité et ainsi accompagner au quotidien votre activité sur le Web.

Cette présentation vous permettra d'appréhender le fonctionnement du Zend Cloud et de connaître les offres disponibles.

Présentateurs : Maurice Kherlakian, Consultant Zend - Christian Durel DG Zend Europe - Sylvain Martin, Directeur Commercial NBS System et Emile Heitor, Directeur Technique NBS System.

(59 min) - 12 juillet 2011
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Développez, gérez et scalez vos applications PHP dans le Cloud (en français)

Au-delà de l'effet de mode, le Cloud Computing représente une réelle opportunité pour faire les choses mieux et moins chères. Néanmoins, si vous êtes l'un de ceux qui souhaitez tester ou déployer vos applications PHP dans le Cloud, Il existe un certain nombre de problèmes que vous pourriez avoir à résoudre.

Regardez cette présentation de la nouvelle Zend PHP Cloud Application Platform faite en VF par Maurice Kherlakian, Consultant Zend Technologies, qui vous aidera à développer, gérer et scaler vos applications PHP critiques dans le cloud.

Présentateur : Maurice Kherlakian, Consultant Zend Technologies
Durée : 52 minutes (22 février 2011)

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Introducing "PaaS in a Box". Scalable, Flexible, Portable PHP in the Cloud.

What if you could combine the flexibility of PaaS with the customizability of IaaS? And what if you could effortlessly switch between different cloud providers?

Join us for a demo of a new cloud solution from RightScale and Zend, which lets you
• Provision a pre-configured, high availability PHP environment in minutes
• Autoscale your application based on system and application load metrics
• Receive system, server and application-level monitoring, alerting and diagnostics
• Easily port your applications across cloud providers, such as Amazon and Rackspace.

Presenter – Uri Budnik and Claudio Gentile (RightScale), Kevin Schroeder (60 min) August 19 2011
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Application Development: In the Cloud, It's Not The Same

The large scale enterprise application has provided a poor model for the scale-out, cloud application. Have you gone to the wrong school? Netflix, among others, decided it had with its large Java/Oracle application. Now it's moving to a distributed, cloud architecture. And that architecture looks different from what came before.

  • This Webcast will tell you what's different about cloud apps
  • Even if you're not developing cloud apps today, you'll want to learn how to design for long term, distributed, scale-out principles

Presenters: Charlie Babcock of InformationWeek, Andrew Binstock of Dr. Dobb's Journal and Andi Gutmans of Zend Technologies  (60 min) April 20, 2011
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Application Development for the Cloud

The cloud is an evolutionary step forward from previous computing styles. Development for the cloud will be, as well. In addition to a programming language, developers will be concerned with using the most effective platform for development and deployment. How do you develop for a target cloud destination? How do you target one workload for multiple clouds? What workloads should be sent to the cloud?
Presenter –  InformationWeek Editor-At-Large and author Charles Babcock, and Zend Technologies CEO and Co-founder Andi Gutmans (63 min) Feb 3 2011
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Higher Quality Development, Faster Release Cycles

Join our live webinar to find out how a managed cloud solution can enable software development organizations to overcome common challenges. We’ll demonstrate the RightScale Development and Test Solution Pack featuring Zend and IBM software stacks and show you how you can reduce the time you spend configuring hardware and managing resources. Plus we’ll show you how your developers and testers can spend less time fixing errors and reworking code and more time experimenting, developing and testing.

Presenters -  Kent Mitchell (65 min) Oct 25 2010


Microsoft and Zend: Pushing PHP to the Cloud

Join a webinar on Cloud Computing with the Zend Framework and Azure. In this session, we’ll take a technical overview of Windows Azure Data Storage which can be used both inside and outside of your cloud application and the Windows Azure computing which can be leveraged to scale your application horizontally.
Come join us to learn how to take your application to the next level.

Presenters -  (60 min) Oct 25 2010


SimpleCloud Storage APIs-Write Once, Deploy on Any Cloud

This webinar covers the Simple Cloud API's Storage Service interface, showing you how to write applications that work with multiple vendors. We'll cover the basics of storing and retrieving files as well as how to copy, move, rename and delete items. We'll also look at how to work with the metadata each cloud vendor associates with items stored in its system.

Presenters - Kevin Schroeder, Doug Tidwell (54 min) Oct 25 2010

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Write Once, Deploy on Any Cloud Overview of Simple Cloud

Most cloud services require developers to think about wire formats instead of business data. An open source project supported by Zend, Go Grid, IBM, Microsoft, Nirvanix and Rackspace, Simple Cloud lets you write elegant, flexible code that works with multiple cloud providers. Whether you're working with files, queues or tables, you focus on your data, not the specific APIs of each vendor. This Webinar will cover the basics of the API and show you how to get started.

Presenters - Kevin Schroeder & Doug Tidwell (55 min)

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