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    Early detection of potential issues can help make a migration effort faster and smother by allowing you to effectively plan according to your unique resource constrains, thereby saving you time and money. 

    Leveraging its PHP expertise and proven methodology derived from real projects, Zend Application Assessment is a service that involves analyzing a PHP 4-based web application’s code to identify the changes that need to be made to make the application PHP 5 compatible and delivers an actionable report of those changes, along with a recommendation for a migration strategy.

    Zend Consultants Perform

    A detailed application analysis looking for both Quantifiable and Unquantifiable incompatibilities.

    Quantifiable incompatibilities

    Quantifiable incompatibilities are those that represent use of new language constructs and miss-use of existing ones.  Those incompatibilities can be identified through automated tools developed specifically for the task speeding up the processes of finding incompatibilities.

    Unquantifiable Incompatibilities

    Unquantifiable incompatibilities are those that depend on context of use and can only be detected by code review and require architectural and application specific knowledge.

    Zend Consultants Deliver

    A detailed and actionable report. At the conclusion of the service you customers receive a detailed report which identifies incompatibilities, migration issues that need to be addresses along with solution recommendations and a recommended transition plan. Leverage Zend to implement your transition.


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    Témoignages des clients

       Je souhaitais juste dire à quel point j'avais apprécié le style du consultant et le temps passé avec lui. C'est un excellent début pour notre futur avec Zend.    

    Matthew Farey IT Operations Manager, Microlease plc