Smartstart i5/OS

Accelerating time-to-PHP and Zend

L'offre de service "Smartstart - i5"  est un engagement de conseil conçu dans le but d'aider les clients à adopter rapidement PHP sur IBM System i. A l'issue de cet engagement et sous 30 jours, nos clients auront acquis une connaissance basique de PHP. Un proof of concept, totalement opérationnel, basé sur PHP, sera déployé sur leur i5/OS (Une application Web qui sera développée, testée et déployée).

Objectifs de ce service :

•    Aider les clients à adopter rapidement la technologie PHP pour répondre aux besoins de leurs applications ;
•    Obtenir un Proof of Concept, qui répond à un problème métier réel du client et qui fonctionne sous 30 jours calendaires ;
•    Couvrir le besoin de formation entre RPG et PHP ;
•    Fournir une base pour tirer parti des applications PHP pour répondre aux objectifs commerciaux. 

Le but de ce service est de fournir au client une connaissance basique de PHP et un proof of concept totalement opérationnel issu d'un réel besoin. Ce service fournit également un tranfert de compétence PHP complet, une formation, un coaching appliqué à toute l'équipe et des recommandations pour bâtir, tester et déployer les futures applications PHP.

Le Package "Développement Accompagné" demande au client de prendre en main le développement. Les experts Zend guideront et accompagneront le client à travers tout le cycle de développement. Contactez votre Représentant Zend pour plus de détails.

The Zend Smart Start for IBM i service is a training and consulting engagement designed to help customers who rely on the power of IBM i to rapidly modernize and adopt PHP for their web application projects. Throughout this service customers will receive comprehensive PHP training and knowledge transfer. At the end of this engagement, customers will have a trained staff that has basic understanding of PHP and a fully operational, (PHP-based) pilot project deployed on their IBM i.

Delivered by PHP experts, this fixed-price, fixed-deliverable service includes everything your organization needs to develop, deploy and manage PHP Web applications on the IBM i and employ best practices helping ensure your overall success and includes: PHP training, installation & configuration and coached development on a pilot project.

During the Zend Smart Start for IBM i Service:

  • Customers receive focused training for up to 5 students on “Zend PHP I: Foundations for i5/OS Programmers” in an exclusive online setting.
  • Zend Experts install and configure the Zend PHP Solution Stack on one IBM i development server (partition). As part of the process, customers are trained on installation on additional servers (partitions) as needed.
  • A pilot project for customer’s project team to develop that addresses a real Client issue is identified.
  • Enable customer’s project team to exercise PHP skills learned and Zend coaches them in best practices through the development and deployment of the pilot project.

Maximize Development Efficiency

Zend Smart Start training courses are designed to provide customer’s staff with the foundations of PHP and best practices for managing business-critical PHP applications. Through relevant exercises integrated throughout the courses students apply their newly learned PHP skills to business relevant applications improving efficiency and code quality.

Reduced Risk and Lower Total Cost of Ownership

As part of Zend Smart Start, our PHP experts install and configure all the necessary components to support even the most demanding web application projects. On a customer designated IBM I server (LPAR), our experts install and configure the Web Server (Apache/Pase) PHP, and Zend production servers (Zend Core, Zend Platform) ensuring your web application infrastructure is installed and configured to meet the demands of your web application projects.

Installation and Configuration Components

PHP Stack – The foundation for PHP Web application projects
  • Apache (Pase)
  • MySQL (only if needed)
  • PHP (Zend Core)
Zend Core – Dependable PHP
  • Zend Framework
  • phpMyAdmin
  • PHP Toolkit (Connecting to i5 Resources)
Zend Platform – Enterprise Reliability and Comprehensive Performance
  • Comprehensive Performance
  • Monitoring and Management
  • 5250 Bridge
  • Web Services (SOAP)
  • Java Bridge

Training Courses

The Zend PHP I: Foundations (i5/OS Version) course is designed to provide ILE programmers with a solid foundation in the PHP language. This course guides you through the basics of PHP with an experiential approach, filled with numerous examples and hands-on exercises. You will also learn about the exciting new 5250 Bridge for your legacy content, as well as tools for i5 system programmers, such as the PHP i5 Toolkit and DB2 extensions. By the end of the course, you will complete a major project while you learn the essentials you need to program in PHP.