PHP Performance. Delivered.

The ultimate goal of any application is a high-quality user experience. Slow running applications and lagging response times lead to frustrated users and abandoned shopping carts. Zend Server improves application performance with state-of-the art caching technology, auto-scaling, and proactive monitoring.

PHP Caching. Better performance.

Customers demand near real-time response from web applications. You can’t afford long lag times. With Zend’s  PHP caching you’ll eliminate slow response times while minimizing resource utilization. Zend Server caches, and then instantly delivers the most frequently accessed pages in your application – no changes to your application required. Zend also provides data caching to optimize your applications by reducing the number of slow datasource and web service requests.

Auto Scaling. Comfort In An Upredictable World.

In the online world it’s impossible to predict traffic flow on any given day. Sudden, unanticipated spikes in web traffic can overload your site and cause application failure. Zend gives you demand-based resource allocation. Zend Server and Zend Cluster Manager’s auto-scaling monitors your application load and automatically adds additional configured servers to a cluster when demand is high, and gracefully shuts them down as demand lowers. 

Offload Long Running Scripts 

Zend increases your PHP application performance by allowing you to offload long-running tasks such as order processing or report generation.  Zend Server’s Job Queue runs longer scripts asynchronously as offline jobs – commands to execute a PHP script according to the specific parameters you give it, either pre-scheduled or launched dynamically by your application.

Proactively Monitor And Resolve Problems

Zend helps you find  PHP performance problems before they become major issues.  Zend Server proactively monitors your PHP application and automatically sends you an email alert of critical problems like slow PHP script execution, function call errors, high memory usage, and more. 

And with Zend Server Code Tracing you’ll be able to see exactly what’s causing the problem. Like an airplane’s “black box” flight recorder, code tracing records every function call of the problematic request to make it easy to determine the root cause of the issue. 

 Take The Performance Test

Be assured that your application is performing at its best with a PHP performance audit by the professional experts at Zend. You’ll receive a detailed performance evaluation, covering everything from usage volume to the operating system. Plus, you’ll receive a list of recommendations on how to improve your application’s performance.