Opening Keynote

Last year Zend CEO and co-founder Andi Gutmans introduced the Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery. Today we are far beyond the blueprint phase and well into construction. 

This year, he introduced a major new component to the CD Blueprint: a left-shift in quality. He was joined by two leading practitioners of Continuous Delivery, who share real-life experiences of undertaking the journey of leveraging CD for mobile and web app development. With the help of fellow Zenders, he unveiled new products and capabilities that are nothing short of game-changing.

Exploring Zend Server Z-Ray

Zend Server Z-Ray is the hottest thing to hit the PHP world since the “class” keyword was introduced. Behind the flashy exterior and accessible bits of information hides a sophisticated device designed to make our developer experience easier. 

In this talk, we take a deep look at the workflows and ways we, as developers, can use the Z-Ray and capitalize on its revolutionary capabilities.

Big Data 2.0

Big Data & Analytics continues to be a disruptive business force. Are we entering a new phase - Big Data & Analytics 2.0 - the mixing historical & realtime data with an emphasis of transforming traditional business analytics into “just-in-time” analytics at the point of business decisions? Businesses are envisioning a future where they’re able to turn data into actions at the time to value needs of the business; which is bringing about huge innovation strides across the industry & open source communities. This talk focuses on what businesses are looking for in the next few years and what technologies on the horizon will meet the challenge.

Agile Impact: Innovate While Scaling

In recent years, Agile has impacted the way we create software. Delivering great digital experiences, arriving first to market and staying within budget is a growing dilemma in the technology space. This talk about Agile Pods TM, a delivery model with an agile foundation, which addresses team dynamics, gamification and cultural bonding planted along a team maturity path. Andres presents examples of how this model works, and why it is impacting the way we create products for the most innovative companies. He discusses: how to continue to innovate but at the same time shorten time to market while you scale, how to increase employee retention in a world that constantly needs more talent, and how the ecosystem of partnership can be organized to pursue the customer’s goals.

What can BitCoin hold for PHP Developers - Panel

BitCoin has become a buzzword most have heard, but the vast majority still have questions. And what should we, as PHP developers, know about BitCoin, or why should we care? At ZendCon we had a BitCoin panel discussion with some very smart forerunners in regards to the topic. They spoke briefly on what BitCoin is, and why they feel it is important, then finally helped inform developers why it may be something that should be implemented in our projects. 

The panel comprising of Luke Stokes, co-founder of FoxyCart! who offers BitCoin as an option in their cart solutions. Also present Rich Morgan, an Ecommerce Development Team Lead at BitPay, Inc. a forerunner in offering BitCoin solutions for online merchants and Joel Dietz, Founder and CEO of Swarm, a crowdfunding platform that operates on BitCoin framework.