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WEBINAR : Zend Framework 2 and IBM i ( In Inglese )

December 11, 2012 - December 11, 2012: 18 Ora Italiana

In this presentation Mike Pavlak and PHP Community Leader Alan Seiden will join forces to explore the most exciting revision to the hugely popular Zend Framework and how it relates to IBM i. Many aspects of Zend Framework 2 on IBM i are amazingly similar to other platforms while some things will still be a little different for IBM i. Join Mike and Alan as they discuss the implementation of ZF2 on IBM i, review a basic application written in ZF2 that talks to DB2 data and explore some of the differences in how this version of Zend Framework has evolved over the original. Ease of use and improved performance are only a couple of the many reasons to explore ZF2 for IBM i.

Presenters: Mike Pavlak & Alan Seiden