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Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery

    Deliver Apps Rapidly, Iteratively, and Consistently

    Continuous Delivery helps companies release applications faster and with greater quality by streamlining and automating the process of bringing software from code to production. The Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery provides practical best practices to help companies implement each step of the continuous delivery cycle. Based on the Zend Server platform, the blueprint provides an easy way to implement these best practices through a series of patterns and plug-ins.

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    Zend Continuous Delivery Blueprint

    Zend Patterns

    Zend Server is the platform that enables Continuous Delivery, which provides consistency, automation and collaboration capabilities throughout the application delivery cycle. Patterns are available to integrate Zend Server with the following Continuous Delivery components:

    Zend also provides a set of Zend Server SDKs that enable further custom integrations with any existing continuous integration or automation software or process.

    Learn More about Continuous Delivery and the Zend Blueprint

    Zend Blueprint for Continuous Delivery Solution Sheet
    This solution sheet provides a concise summary of the concepts behind Zend's Continuous Delivery Blueprint. It describes the business motivation for Continuous Delivery, how different phases of the application delivery lifecycle work together, and how Zend's solution works to make Continuous Delivery a reality.

    Zend Professional Services Brief: Continuous Delivery Assessment
    Is your organization’s goal to release software faster with higher quality? The Zend team of internationally respected PHP architects, Zend Framework experts, performance optimization specialists and security consultants can help you identify current maturity gaps or opportunities for focus in your application delivery processes, and provide best practices recommendations for improvement.


    Zend Continuous Delivery Blueprint



    Continuous Delivery Solution Sheet



    Continuous Delivery Assessment


    Customer Quote

       We were able to implement Continuous Integration with Hudson and tie it into Maven, using the Zend SDK to create packaged applications for robust deployment using Zend Server. As a result, we’re now catching bugs before they make it to QA and pushing out new releases twice a week with much higher confidence.   

    Jon MarstonVP of Engineering at English Central

       Jenkins has always been an essential tool for Novadex, but deployment is not one of its native components. This means that before using Zend Server, we had to resort to creating our own scripting and packaging mechanisms for the deployment of our code. Leveraging Zend Server’s capabilities and SDK allowed this scripting to be simplified and to effortlessly support server clusters, enabling non-expert users to initiate deployments, while providing extra control and the flexibility essential for Novadex to stay at the forefront of cloud-based business communication management.   

    Andreas RossbachChief Technology Officer at Novadex