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    Enabling the Development and Deployment of PHP Applications

    Zend - the PHP company - has long been trusted for its expertise in PHP, and for enabling businesses big and small to quickly and efficiently develop and deploy business-critical PHP applications. As part of this enablement, Zend Global Consulting offers deployment and enhancement of PHP Web-applications through both packaged and custom service offerings. Through Zend’s internationally respected Internet architects, PHP experts and global partners, Zend is able to provide our customers with a complete end-to-end solution to meet the most demanding business-critical needs and a personalized level of service unequaled in the industry.

    Packaged PHP Service Offerings

    Smart Start: Jump Start your IBM i PHP Projects

    The Zend Smart Start service for IBM i is a highly effective way to start your PHP project. During a five day on-site engagement, Zend’s experts will:

    • Install and configure your PHP environment
    • Train your developers and system administrators
    • Transfer knowledge on PHP development and deployment best practices

    Learn more about Smart Start for IBM i.

    Application Audits

    The Zend Application Audit Services are a family of packaged services for evaluating different aspects of a single PHP application. The services involve auditing the target application against a series of benchmarks and criteria, and providing a detailed written report of audit findings along with a series of recommendations for addressing issues identified:

    PHP 4 to PHP 5 Migration

    The Zend Migration Services help you migrate your PHP 4 applications to PHP 5. It involves the following services:

    • Assessment – Zend consultants will analyze your application code to identify issues that may hinder migration, will recommend solutions and create a migration plan. Learn more.
    • Implementation – Building on the recommendations made in the Assessment Service, Zend will migrate your application, leaving you with a production ready PHP 5 application. Learn more.

    Other PHP Service Offerings (on a time & material basis)

    • Remote installation and administration services
    • Design and architecture consulting
    • Onsite training and mentoring


    Architecture & Migration



    Architecture Audit






    Security Audit



    Smart Start



    On boarding


    Customer Quote

       We encountered a serious problem in our production environment that threatened to undermine our Web site availability and performance. When we were unable to recreate the problem, Zend's consultant conducted a thorough analysis of our project. He didn't push a quick fix or ask us to make a technology leap of faith. Instead, he helped us achieve short-term milestones with little or no business disruption or risk, and worked with us to reach our long-term goals for Web site performance and availability. Now we're running our PHP applications with the confidence gained from seeing first-hand how Zend works proactively to help us troubleshoot our Web environment.   

    Fred SchmidtManager, Applications Development, VR Systems, Inc.

       I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed and appreciated the consultant's style and the time we all spent together, it was an excellent start to our future with Zend.   

    Matthew FareyIT Operations Manager, Microlease plc