October 24, 2019

What Is the Status of the Zend Framework Transition to Laminas?

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A lot has happened since we announced that Zend Framework (ZF) will become an open source project called Laminas! This includes our ongoing work with the Linux Foundation to finalize:

  • Migration of repositories to new organizations under GitHub.
  • Migration tooling for end users and extension authors.
  • Recruiting of initial Laminas members.

Zend by Perforce is committed to the success of the Laminas and PHP communities. To help us complete transitioning Laminas to the Linux Foundation, and provide ongoing support for the new project, we hired Matthew Weier O’Phinney — the former Principal Engineer of Zend Framework, Apigility, and Expressive at Rogue Wave. In his new role as the Development Lead of Laminas, Weier O’Phinney will oversee the successful migration of the former Zend Framework, including the:

  • PHP MVC framework
  • Apigility subproject
  • Expressive subproject

What Are the Next Steps for Laminas?

To meet the needs and goals of the community, Laminas is being rolled out in two stages:

  1. The launch of the technical project under the Linux Foundation.
  2. The launch of the Laminas Foundation, once sustainable funding is secured.

When Will the Laminas Launches Be Complete?

We are on track to launch the technical project in November 2019. The Zend Framework community-review team has provided the last few changes for the technical charter, and developed an initial set of governing policies that detail how:

  • People become project maintainers.
  • People join the Technical Steering Committee and elect project leads. 
  • New repositories and subprojects are brought into the organization. 

We are also testing the migration tooling, so we can find any lingering issues and either resolve or document them. Once these items are in place, we can complete migrations to the new GitHub organizations and launch the technical project.

We have registered with the Linux Foundation's Community Bridge, and will initiate a fund-raising campaign to coincide with the technical launch and cover initial marketing costs, such as:

  • Conference and speaker memberships.
  • Laminas stickers and t-shirts.

To minimize membership costs, the community review team has agreed to reduce the initial budget for the Laminas Foundation. Doing so allows the project to reduce the proposed membership dues for Premier memberships as well as General memberships for companies of 500 or more employees. The goal of this change is to give more companies the ability to participate in the Foundation, and allow the project to meet funding goals sooner.

We are beginning efforts to reach out to organizations that we contacted during our initial fundraising, to communicate the changes and help secure commitments for the new fiscal year. We hope that the launch of the technical project and the reduced membership dues will allow us to launch the project foundation in early 2020. If you are interested in membership, please contact us via the Laminas website.

What Does the Laminas Transition Mean for Zend Framework Users?

To ensure seamless integrations between all Laminas packages and existing Zend Framework projects — including third-party libraries with ZF code — we will:

  • Migrate existing packages to new repositories under GitHub, and mark them as replacements of the corresponding Zend Framework packages. 
  • Archive the existing Zend Framework repositories, and point users to the new Laminas equivalents for purposes of raising issues and submitting patches.
  • Mark all Zend Framework packages as "Abandoned" on, and point users to the new Laminas Project equivalents.
  • Provide a bridge package that’s installable in existing projects to alias legacy Zend Framework service names — and configuration information for Laminas equivalents.

Finally, we will provide tools that you can use to:

  • Migrate third-party libraries to directly consume Laminas packages.
  • Migrate your own code to directly consume Laminas packages.

What Is Zend Working On?

Zend Framework started as a component framework, so people could pick the components that they want to use. And Laminas, which is the third iteration of Zend Framework, is continuing that goal. We are excited to create components for the framework that bridge the community with the enterprise worlds.

The current list of components that we’ll be proposing to add to Laminas is long. However, we can reveal that we’re building some cool components around asynchronous PHP as well as microservices enablement and enterprise integrations. 

Questions? View the Laminas Webinar

Learn more about the status of the transition of Zend Framework to Laminas, by watching the one-hour, recorded webinar, What's Happening With Laminas?

In the webinar, the presenters — Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Development Lead of the Laminas Project, and Maurice Kherlakian, Director of Product Management for Zend and OpenLogic at Perforce Software — review the Laminas project's: 

  • Schedule.
  • Funding.
  • Future.
  • Impact on Zend Framework, Apigility, and Expressive users.

View webinar